Fun Camping Activities for Adults

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
Fun Camping Activities for Adults

After the long dry winter all you want is a little refreshment. And what can refresh a person more than camping in the nature’s lap with their loved ones. During camping children are intrigued by nature and find lots of things to play with. But sometimes adults get bored due to lack of amusing activities to do. If you are looking for some fun activities then you have came to right place. Read this article to find out Fun Camping activities for Adults which will amuse you and also remove your boredom within minutes.

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Truth or Dare

This centuries-old game never gets old. Ask all fellow campers to sit in a circle and in the middle put a bottle on its side. One person can hold the bottle and give it a turn so that it moves in a circle. The person towards whom the mouth of the bottle will point will be asked ‘Truth or Dare’. If the person chooses truth then anyone can ask any question and the person has to answer it truthfully. If he/she choose dare then ask the person to perform an activity. The more embarrassing the question and activity is; the funnier it gets.

Fun Camping Activities for Adults - Truth or Dare
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Water Games

If you are camping near a water body then there are probably lots of fun camping activities for adults around. Jump off a rock, go water skiing, play water volleyball, go zorbing, go kayaking or canoeing or have a water balloon fight. Those who feel adventurous can try a midnight swim. It will be both refreshing and stimulating. But take care that the water is not infested with crocodiles!

Fun Camping Activities for Adults - Water Games

Make me Laugh

Nothing can be simpler and exhilarating than laughing heartily in the open air. But this game is just the opposite.

At first make two teams. Then choose which one will be on stage first. The team which chooses to be on stage would choose a member from other team and make him/her sit in front. Then that team will say or do every possible thing to make the person from other team in the front laugh. If he/ she laughs or even shows teeth while smiling then the team on stage gets a point. But if the person in front can control his/ her laughter for two minutes then his/her team earns the point.

Fun Camping Activities for Adults - Make me Laugh

Activities related to Nature

If you are camping in a place rich in flora and fauna, then you can try tree climbing, animal / bird watching, leaf / bug collecting, berry picking etc. At night try to catch some fireflies in a glass jar. Nothing is more romantic than presenting your partner with a jar full of little twinkling fireflies under the pitch black night sky.

Fun Camping Activities for Adults - Activities related to Nature

Ghost Stories

The most traditional and sure way of having fun and an adrenaline rush at night is to tell each other ghost stories. Light a bonfire near the camp and sit around it in circle. Then start sharing ghost stories or unnatural experiences (if any) and it will surely keep others hooked on the spot. You can also add some more fun by suddenly screaming in the middle of a story or by making weird faces or pose to scare each other.

Just be careful that there isn’t someone in your midst who is weak at heart.

Fun Camping Activities for Adults - Ghost Stories
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Card Games

If you are tired after all the daytime physical activities during camping then you can relax by playing card games. You will get your rest while your mind will be engaged in the cards. Some exciting card games you can play while camping are poker, bridge, rummy etc. You can also try some board games but do not forget to bring the board along with you.

Two Truths and a Lie

This game could be absolutely hilarious and fun. Also you can share your unique experiences with others.

To play this game, sit down in a group. Then anyone in the group tells three facts about himself/herself. Two of these facts are true and one is false i.e. lie. Others have to guess which one is a lie. Try to say as weird a thing as possible like “I like to lick my shoes” to make people confused.

You can make this game more fun by sharing weird facts about your family like “My grandfather was James Bond”.

Crazy Pop

To play this fun game you need some music, paper, pencil and some balloons. Take a paper and divide it into small bits of equal size. Then write any fun or crazy action like “scratch yourself like a monkey” or “do the twist”. Then put each paper bit in balloons and blow them up. Sit in a circle and start the music. Now pass one balloon around. As soon as the music stops, the person holding the balloon will pop it and do the action written in the paper inside the balloon. After that start the music again and start passing another balloon and repeat the same procedure.

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Fun Camping Activities for Adults
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Fun Camping Activities for Adults

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