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Fun competitive games for large groups

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
Fun competitive games for large groups

Competitive games are a fun way to celebrate a birthday, party or simply enjoying an afternoon. Competitive games can be organized depending on the contestants' age, but it is, without doubt, an original way to entertain kids. In we'd like to explain what competitive games to play with large groups so you all have a good time.

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  1. Outdoors? Much better
  2. Overcoming tests
  3. Guessing riddles
  4. Treasure hunt
  5. Swimming pool competitive games

Outdoors? Much better

Outdoor competitive games are much more fun than in a closed space. The environment will allow thousands of natural elements and tests to be organized, allowing children to interact with their environment. Apart from all the fun, playing outdoors is educational.

Overcoming tests

The children can divide in two groups who will play against each other in several sportive tests to get the prize. All tests will add points and the team with the most points will be the winner. The tests can be: a sack race, finding a hidden object, climbing up a tree to reach a balloon, etc...

Guessing riddles

Another fun option for competitive games is to prepare several puzzles and riddles that lead to solving an enigma. As in the previous case, it can be organized with two or more teams, which will be intellectually tested. The team that guesses the final enigma first will be the winning team.

Treasure hunt

One of the most popular competitive games is a treasure hunt. What we do, is to hide clues and turn some of them into riddles. To complete the hunt, we'll give the kids a map which will help them find the treasure. The team that guesses all the clues and riddles will be the first to get to the treasure.

Swimming pool competitive games

When the heat comes, a good and refreshing idea is to have competitive games in the swimming pool. To do so, we can hide an object at the bottom of the pool, between the grass or trees. The contestants will have to overcome obstacles and thanks to the clues given to the winners, try to find the hidden objects in the pool and its surroundings. The team to win the most obstacles will win the prize.

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Fun competitive games for large groups