How to add speech bubbles to pictures

How to add speech bubbles to pictures

Adding speech bubbles to pictures is a fun way of adding humour to your most memorable photographed moments. For example, you can describe what's in someone's mind or what you think someone else is thinking. It's all about giving each picture a personal touch. Whatever the reason, if you'd like to add speech bubbles to your pictures, there are websites which allow you to do so.

Steps to follow:

The first option is using the Big Huge Labs site to add a speech bubble to the photos. Big Huge Lab is a free service that allows you to upload pictures from your computer and add speech bubbles instantly. Moreover, you can register for free and save your uploaded photos to have access to them whenever you want. You can choose three speech bubble styles: an ordinary speech bubble, a thought bubble and an action bubble. You'll be able to place the titles wherever you like, dragging them with your mouse. When you're finished, you'll be able to share your photos by email, on Facebook, Flickr, or you can save the photo on your computer.


An alternative is to do it through SuperLame and using its online tool to add subtitles to the speech bubble images. SuperLame offers an easy program that is free. First of all, you'll need to upload the photo you'd like to add a speech bubble to. Now, it will ask you to add a speech bubble clicking on "Add bubble". Then, the speech bubble appears in the photo and you can write subtitles on it and edit the shape as you prefer, by clicking on the icons to change size, shape, edge and font. With SuperLame, you can also click on "Add FX sound" to add titles that say " Ka-Booom!", "Booooom!", "Super!", and "Wooooooow!". You can add these titles with a click if you like. Once you've finished adding titles to the bubble, you can save the image to get a preview. If you like the result, you can save it on your computer or send it to a friend by email.


Last but not least, you can also go to the Bubble Caption site and use its online service to add speech bubbles to your photos. To use this free service, click on "Get Started!" or "Start Now". It will ask you to upload a photo from your computer, or upload a photo from a URL if you want to use one that is already online. Once the photo is uploaded, you'll need to choose between three styles of bubble. Click on the bubble of your choice and write the text you wish to . You can also alter its size and place it wherever you want in the picture. When you're done, click on "Preview / Done" to see the result.

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