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How to Camp in the Summer

How to Camp in the Summer

Camping in the hot summer days may not be an attractive idea for some people. But for the die-hard camping fans, the cool summer nights prove to be the best time for camping and relaxing in the lap of nature. By keeping a few tips and tricks in mind anyone can enjoy camping in the summer. Keep reading this OneHowTo article to find out how to camp in the summer.

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Choose the right campsite

During the summer, the nights are cool and breezy but temperatures during the day can soar so high that it can make anyone uncomfortable. To get relief from the hot sun during the day, choose a campsite which has ample trees for shade. Also, it is best to camp near a river or lake so that you can shake off the heat with a swim.

Moreover, check whether the place is infested with ant hills or not. Camping anywhere near anthills can become a nightmare as the ants will attack both you and your food supply.

Avoid camping in places containing depressions. Otherwise, with one spell of rain you would wake up in a puddle.

Always include a first aid kit

A first aid kit is an extremely essential thing if you want to camp in the summer, and if you have kids with you then it becomes indispensable. Keep all the essentials in the first aid but, since it is summer, you need some extra things too. Insect repellent for flies and mosquitoes should be a crucial part of your first aid box. Also keep some immobilization bandages in case anyone gets bitten by a snake or mouse spider.

Pack the right gear

Plastic dishes and cutlery, dishpan, bucket, rope, cord, Swiss army knives, waterproof matches, flashlights and lanterns should be an indispensable part of your camping gear. Also include a stove and enough fuel to last you for the whole camping trip. Some people include a plastic table cloth in their gear as it is easy to clean and adds color to the already colorful surrounding.You'll find all the equipment on our article What should I take camping?

Before packing the gear it is best to make a list of all the necessary items. Then as you start packing keep ticking the items that you have packed. This way none of the essential things would be left out.


You must pay particular attention to the type of tent you buy for summer camping. The tent should be of high quality with sun proof sealant. Always keep the tent covered so that you can pack your tent when not using it. Always pitch your tent in the shade so that it remains cool and comfortable for people to sit in.

You can also opt for a open air hammock.

Stay cool

For summer camping make sure that the clothes you pack are light colored, loose fitting and moisture wicking. Also, pack a head-wear like hat or bandana and also do not forget the open sandals.

Water, water and some more water. Keep yourself hydrated at all times. Have a portable water filter along with you so that even during emergencies you can have clean water.

Keep a small fan along with you. You can have fans which can be powered by smartphones too. Or just buy a solar power adapter which can power at least a small fan.

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How to Camp in the Summer
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How to Camp in the Summer