How to Choose the Right Walking Shoe

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Choose the Right Walking Shoe

Walking and hiking may seem like a calm activity, but it's vitally important to be perfectly equipped if you want to avoid injuries and feel comfortable for as long as your walk lasts. If you are a newbie in the walking world or have difficulties finding the perfect pair of walking shoes, then OneHowTo is here to help. Keep on reading this article to find out how to choose the right walking shoe and learn the characteristics that will make you feel secure and comfortable.


To choose the right walking shoe, one of the most important things you should check it the soles, as these should be flexible and not hard.

They should also have a roll bar in the lower sole to cushion the back of your foot, as this is the part that will touch the floor first when walking. A gel pad between the lower sole and the top sole should also help reduce the impact of your foot touching the ground. Look for grooves in the outsole, this will help with gripping and floor traction.

Make sure you know what kind of arch your feet have, as you will probably need a specific shoe. Ask a trusted retailer for advice depending on the type of foot arch you have, especially if you have flat feet.

How to Choose the Right Walking Shoe - Soles


The rear of the shoe should have cushioning around the ankle to guard it. You should also look for padding in the Achilles tendon area, as this is a tendon that suffers greatly when walking, so it's important to keep it secure.

How to Choose the Right Walking Shoe - Ankle


When you try on your walking shoes, how they fit is also a big issue when finding the perfect pair. The first thing to take into account is that there is enough room for your toes, make sure your foot doesn't touch the end ( about half an inch)

The width should not be tight on your foot but should embrace it and keep it nice and snugly.

To avoid injuries, it's also vitally important to stretch before walking.


The material your walking shoe is made of should not be thick, so avoid leather and other heavy materials. Choose light and breathable fabric such as mesh instead. If you usually walk in areas where it rains frequently or on muddy soil, also choose waterproof fabric.

How to Choose the Right Walking Shoe - Material

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  • Before purchasing your shoes, preferably try on the shoes after you have been walking or at the end of the day, this way you'll have a better idea of how the shoe will fit while you're walking.
  • When walking, it's important that you don't wear socks made from natural fiber but rather other materials such as polyester.

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How to Choose the Right Walking Shoe
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How to Choose the Right Walking Shoe

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