How To Get Into Bollywood Film Industry

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Get Into Bollywood Film Industry

Surely, if you enjoy Bollywood at your leisure, you must have at least once fantasized about being a part of one of the biggest film industries of the world. Well, if you want to turn your fantasy into reality, take a look at what recommends about how to get into Bollywood film industry.

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Join professional acting classes

If you are really serious about approaching a career in acting, you must join professional acting classes in Mumbai. These classes will not only improve your acting skills, but some renowned directors may also visit your school now and then, and pick you up for their next venture.

Learn dancing

All Bollywood actors, whether males or females, need to lean dancing. Bollywood movies are full of songs and dance sequences, and if you lack in this talent, you may cut down your chances of getting an entry.

How To Get Into Bollywood Film Industry - Learn dancing

Try modeling

If you join a Miss India or Mr. India content, and manage to win it or at least become a runner up, you can tremendously widen your chances of getting noticed, and getting a direct entry into the industry. Bollywood directors seldom pick up random strangers. Being a Miss or Mr. India means that you at least have an idea of the industry, and you are already interested in trying your luck.

Give attention to your looks

Looks are extremely important in the film industry, and you need to work on them to improve them. Some good actors make it work purely upon their acting skills, but this is quite rare. Eat well, work out, and do your best to get a ‘good body’.

How To Get Into Bollywood Film Industry - Give attention to your looks

Do not miss any interviews or auditions

You may fail many auditions at first, but these may help you know in what aspects you are lacking, and what you need to do to improve. Work hard, persevere and you may land a role eventually! Even if you have been offered a small role, you should take it. You may get noticed even for a small role, provided that it was done well, and it may open doors to bigger roles as well.


Networking with people is extremely important in the film industry. Try to make as many friends and connections as possible, and increase your social network. Attend events and social gatherings, and try interacting socially. Any friends that you make today may be of help to you in future.

All these points will be useless if you are not good at acting, even if you are a star's son or daughter. So, find out if you have an acting bug in you or not, and then work towards nurturing it.

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Hi,am live in manchester and I watch always hindi movies and tv serial never missed any episodes espically naagin that I love ,....I am in college now first year and am studying English, mathematics and a course and in future I want to enter acting in Mumbai Bollywood industry its my dream and my wish and I always think that I cannot act but I really want to do acting in Bollywood from now on iam going to enter acting classes and I want to enter Bollywood industry for movies or TV serials plss can u tell the actors or actresses or in charge from the Bollywood industry to call me or something ...nd if you have any email or I can contact with u anyhow to tell me the information...
Aman kumar
I am a student coz i . Want to do something great ....i Want to become a hero ..
OneHowTo Editor
Keep on studying, this will get you to a good start. Never give up on your dreams and keep trying hard, combine your studies with acting and dancing classes and meet new people from the industry. Good luck!
Bajrang Sharma
I am a student and i am very much frustrated with my boring life. Want to do something great for my parents. Want to become a hero in everyones heart.
Michael Riley (oneHOWTO editor)
Don't give up Bajrang, your big break might come when you least expect it!

How To Get Into Bollywood Film Industry
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How To Get Into Bollywood Film Industry

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