How To Get To Coorg From Mumbai

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Get To Coorg From Mumbai

Coorg is situated at a distance of around 1040 kms from the Maharashtra capital of Mumbai. Lush teakwood, sandalwood forests, coffee, tea plantations and misty hills are just a few things that make Coorg so stunning. If you are looking for a spectacular region of hamlets and villages in India, then Coorg is the best place for you. The place is also ideal to get involved in a variety of outdoor activities, such as angling, trekking and white water rafting. Also known as the Scotland of India, you can reach Coorg from Mumbai through a variety of transport options. Here at, we are going to discuss about how to get to Coorg from Mumbai.

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Steps to follow:

By flight

The best way to reach Coorg from Mumbai is by taking an indirect flight. First, you have to take a flight to Bengaluru from Mumbai, which takes around 2 hours. The flight takes a halt of one hour, after which you have to take another from to Mysore from Bengaluru. This flight takes around 45 minutes. Located at a distance of 128 kms from Mysore, you can cover the journey by cab or bus. Reaching Coorg from Mumbai by air is the fastest and most convenient transport option. Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive.

How To Get To Coorg From Mumbai - Step 1

By train

There is only one train that operates between Mumbai and Mysore. This train is Dadar-Mysore Sharavati Express, and it takes 24 hours to reach its destination. Important railway stations that the train stops at in between include Pune, Miraj, Hubli and Arsikere. Mysore railway station is at a distance of 117 kms from Coorg, which you can cover by cab or bus. You have to make an advance booking for the bus or cab you are going to use to reach Coorg.

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By bus

Direct buses operate between Mumbai and Coorg, the journey of which takes around 15 hours. Coorg bus station is situated in the city’s center, but the long journey may become uncomfortable at times. However, there will be no halts in between, and it is less time consuming than traveling by train.

How To Get To Coorg From Mumbai - Step 3

By car or taxi

Traveling to Coorg from Mumbai also takes 15 hours. If you are trabeling by taxi, the approximate ranges from Rs. 13 to Rs. 55 per kilometer, depending on the car model and its condition.

How To Get To Coorg From Mumbai - Step 4

Now that you have completed your visit to Mumbai, you can proceed to Coorg in Karnataka by any of the above mentioned transport options. Choose your option as per your individual requirements, preferences and budget, and explore Coorg in all its natural splendor.

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Kannur Airport seems a good option. but will have to confirm. It was not operative earlier.
there is a new airport called kannur international airport which is close to coorg which is about 90 kms and reach by 1 hour 45 mins

How To Get To Coorg From Mumbai
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How To Get To Coorg From Mumbai

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