How to Make a Holiday Album

By Jane Bertin. August 31, 2020
How to Make a Holiday Album

If you love traveling, you probably also love keeping souvenirs to remind you of your trips with your friends and family. There are many ways to make an album with all your mementos from your last romantic getaway or your action-packed adventure trip.

A digital album is one of the easiest ways to set up your pictures, but if you'd rather know how to make a holiday album, here at OneHowTo we'll give you the best tips.

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Steps to follow:

First of all, gather all kinds of mementos during your trip: a coaster from your favorite bar, a beautifully designed card from a shop, museum or train tickets... Anything that reminds you of the places you loved the most will be useful to make a holiday album.

How to Make a Holiday Album - Step 1

If you went on a road trip, take the map that you used. You can cut out the part you visited and add it to your album. If you mark the route you followed and add stickers and little notes to the places you stopped by, you will have a nice frame for your holiday album, and it will make explaining your trip so much easier.

How to Make a Holiday Album - Step 2

Print out your photos and mix them with the rest of souvenirs that you rounded up. It's a good idea to print them in different sizes and colors in order to make a creative, eye-catching album. For example, you can print some pictures in black and white in order to make your memories feel even more personal and unique.


Do you want to make a holiday album with a difference? Write short texts to accompany your pictures and souvenirs. You can do it at home when you return, but it's even more fun to do so during your trip - remember your impression of the there and then!

If you write them on your computer, you can print them in different colors and fonts. You can creat different sections in your albums by coding them this way: for instance, you could use a bubbly blue font for beach pictures and fancy vintage-looking fonts for museum visits. You can also have fun with colors and fonts and use them randomly - your holiday album will look playful and unique!

Of course, you can also write by hand; this way, your album will be truly yours! You can find inspiration for fancy styles online, and you can use colorful or sparkly gel pens: the possibilities are endless.

How to Make a Holiday Album - Step 4

Buy a blank album and paste all the things you've picked onto it. Since scrapbooking is a very popular hobby, there are plenty of good-quality scrapbook albums available in most craft stores. You can also use a normal photo album, or even a simple notebook.

If you'd prefer a truly personal memento, you can easily make your own holiday album. Use cardboard and all kinds of paper, from basic white to metallic sheets, tissue paper or parchment. Tie all the pages together with a hole punching machine and a ribbon - it will look beautiful!

Now you know how to make a holiday album, why not learn how to take better pictures for Instagram?

How to Make a Holiday Album - Step 5

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How to Make a Holiday Album
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How to Make a Holiday Album

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