How To Play Bubble Football

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 25, 2017
How To Play Bubble Football

Still don't know how to play Bubble Football? This is an original and fun way to play football: inside a bubble! A great plan to have fun with friends or family and spend a hilarious afternoon, whether or not you know how to play football. This sport is suitable for all ages and although you may have never kicked a ball or scored a goal, don't worry because Bubble Football does not require much technique but you're guaranteed to have a blast! In this OneHowTo article we will explain how to play Bubble Football so you can learn about this trendy sport.

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Steps to follow:

Also known as Bubble Soccer, Bubble Football is a new way of playing football for everyone who wants to have a great time playing this sport. It is an alternative to this sport but does not require knowledge of the technique or for you to be an expert with a ball because the objective of Bubble Football is simply to have a great time.

The main feature of this sport is that players must be inside giant bubbles, i.e. air balls that surround their bodies from the head to the knees. To keep you in one place, the ball has harnesses that are placed on the shoulders like a backpack and keep the ball attached to the body.

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To play bubble football you have to keep in mind that in this sport there are no rules! The way you start is the same as for regular football matches, that is, there are two teams whose aim is to put the ball into the opposing goal. But unlike traditional football, for bubble football there are no rules and players can "tackle" the others to fall to the ground and bounce around in the bubble.

But there is a referee who is responsible for validating the goals and indicating when the ball has gone out. They are also responsible for indicating when the game begins with the sound of the whistle; the noise determines that both teams can run at the ball, which is in the middle.


While there are no ground rules, there are some Bubble Football rules to help make the game fun and thus ensure that all participants have a good time. For example, you should know that:

  • There is no goalkeeper, so no one stands in the goal but rather all the players have to go for the ball. You're allowed to be close to the area but never under the posts.
  • If the ball leaves the field, it is considered out and must be put back into play as is usually done in football.
  • No one can leave the bubble during the match and if the ball goes in the goal, the game stops to take it out and put it back on the field.
How To Play Bubble Football - Step 3

Bubble Soccer is a perfect sport for a party or special event and wherever you want everyone to have a lot of fun. For example, it is recommended for children's parties (if the children are older than 6), to celebrate a birthday in an original way or at stag parties. As it requires no previous knowledge it is not difficult to learn, everyone will get to have fun and let out their inner child.

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How To Play Bubble Football
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How To Play Bubble Football

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