How to Play Your Wildcard in Fantasy Premier League

How to Play Your Wildcard in Fantasy Premier League

Wild cards in sports can refer to many aspects of competition. Often they are to do with a player or team being eligible to compete in a tournament through abnormal qualification. In Fantasy Premier League, however, wild cards have a different function. They allow you to make as many transfers in a game week as you like, without losing any points. The reason behind this is usually because you have injured players or have been having a particularly rough season and you need to shake the team up. Learn how to play your Wildcard in Fantasy Premier League with oneHOWTO so you can get back on track for another championship season.

What is a wildcard in Fantasy Premier League?

A Wildcard in Fantasy Premier League is a failsafe allowed by the game's rules to help you out when you need it. You can use it twice a year, one per each half of the season. This means before 2pm on 30th December. It allows you to make as many transfers as you like in a single Gameweek without losing any points from your account.

Usually, you get 1 free transfer a week where you don't lose any points. If you don't use your 1 free transfer, you can pass it on to the next week. However, you will only be allowed a maximum of 2 free transfers per Gameweek.

That is, of course, until you use your Wildcard. The Wildcard allows you to make your transfers without losing points. Having this option two times a season will mean you can change some early mistakes as well as recover from bad luck.

When to use your wildcard in Fantasy Premier League

The time to use your Wildcard in Fantasy Premier League is up to you. If you use it too early, you might find yourself without a paddle when another problem arises. If you use it too late, then you might lose an opportunity to do even better.

Putting thought into choosing your squad is imperative. You have to tally player's previous form with how you expect them to play in the upcoming season. Of course, this is the starting principal of the whole game, but its much easier said than done. This is why people who want to play for big bucks spend so much time strategizing and tweaking their teams.

Whether you are in it for the money or just the love, knowing when to play your Wildcard in Fantasy Premier League is a tricky play. There is some evidence to support that playing it earlier rather than later can help. This is because many of the top players of the online game have done so, suggesting a trend worth following.

If you want to be logistical, playing your Wildcard it sometime between Gameweeks 4 and 8 makes the most sense. You can see how the land lies, then make decisions based on performance. However, you also want to respond to major upsets quickly. So, if you find yourself with injuries staking up or too many cards, play it when needed.

Of course, the perfect game of Fantasy Premier League means you have picked the best team from the very beginning. Don't feel the need to use it if you're on a winning streak.

How to play the wildcard in Fantasy Premier League

Once you know when you want to play your Wildcard in Fantasy Premier League, actually deploying it is easy once you know how:

  1. Go to transfers bye clicking the 'Transfers' button in the primary sub menu (the boxes featuring 'Status', 'My Team', 'Leagues', etc.
  2. Remove enough players so that you lose points. Do this by clicking the 'X' beside a player's jersey. You will see how many points you will lose in a box at the middle of the screen.
  3. When you have chosen enough transfers to lose points (more than 2 if you have a Wildcard saved up), a button will appear in red saying 'Play Wildcard'. This will be third along beside the 'Auto Pick' and 'Reset' buttons.
  4. When you click the Wildcard button, a box will appear reminding you that your Wildcard will not be activated until you make the transfers.
  5. Choose your new players and click 'Make Transfers' at the bottom of the field when you're ready. Another box will pop up to confirm you do indeed want to play your Wildcard.
  6. Click 'Confirm Transfers (and Play Wildcard)' if you are sure. It will give you the date when the Gameweek starts to use your Wildcard.

And there you have it. Playing your Wildcard is easy to do on Fantasy Premier League. Picking the right transfers is a different kettle of fish. If you want to share any of your current transfers you want to make in Fantasy Premier League, share them with the community below.

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