How to Polish Silver: Silver Law

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Polish Silver: Silver Law

Silver is a metal found in household items and jewellery. It's a very flexible material and it is characterised by its beautiful brightness. However, silver is also very sensitive to friction and bumps, so the daily use of silver objects, or things that contain it, means we have to take care of it frequently. This OneHowTo article will show you how to polish silver so you can enjoy and show off your stunning jewellery, finery and trinkets made of this shiny metal.

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This technique for polishing silver works for jewellery and silverware that may you want buff. In a bowl, pour two cups of hot water. Then, add salt to the bowl, but make sure that you don't add too much - a few tablespoons will be enough.

The use of salt as a cleaning method for silver metal removes dullness without being abrasive. Therefore if the silver is slightly opaque, the salt bath is suffice to make it look good again with a natural shine.


For accessories that need a more effective cleaning, it it is very useful to make sure the salt in the hot water is completely dissolved. Subsequently, use a sheet of aluminium foil and strips. Add them to the bowl in which the silver objects are being treated.

The mixture of salt, hot water and aluminium will work quickly and generate a reaction in the opacity of the silver, so this will be removed soon and the pieces will once again have a shiny surface.


If the silver has not regained its lustre with salt and aluminium, repeat the process again and wait for five minutes for the solution to take effect. Similarly, stir the water bowl periodically to confirm that the opacity is disappearing. Once you confirm that the silver is recovering its brightness, extract the objects of the bowl.


It's important to properly rinse the silver. So once you take the silver out of the water, salt and aluminium, run them under the tap. Keep the temperature of the water as cool as possible.

Later, dry the objects gently. It is therefore best to use a soft cloth or towel. The microfibres of these textiles make opacity pigments and accumulated dirt disappear.

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How to Polish Silver: Silver Law
How to Polish Silver: Silver Law

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