How To Take Good Selfies

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Take Good Selfies

The selfie is now more fashionable than ever. Whether you are male or female, taking a picture of ourselves and showing how photogenic and great we are to all of our contacts on social networks is certainly one of our most popular past times on social media.

Almost everyone has a selfie posted on Facebook, Instagram or one of the other social networks, but its not always easy to capture you at your best, right? If you've sometimes spent a lot of time trying to get that great photo, at OneHowTo we'll give you some key tips so you discover how to get a good selfie and receive lots of "likes".

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Steps to follow:

Do you love selfies? Don't feel guilty about indulging in this photogenic act. As well as you many important celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Paul McCartney or politicians like Barack Obama, have also succumbed to the selfie.

And of course the key to posting a good selfie is getting a great picture but how to get it without spending too much time? Well by taking into account some important suggestions.

How To Take Good Selfies - Step 1

If you want to get a good selfie it is important to find your best side. Whether alone in your photos or with friends, everyone has an angle that makes them look better and when it comes to selfies the key is to highlight it to get the best results. Not only will you see yourself in a good light but also your contacts and followers on social networks will think the same.

How To Take Good Selfies - Step 2

Take care with the angle if you want to get a good selfie. We often need to try several times to get the typical picture we want: my cheeks look fat, I look sweaty, my face is too wide, etc. Try to avoid this! Stick to the standard angle, i.e. taking the picture from above with your head tilted slightly forward, as the opposite often makes us look fatter.

How To Take Good Selfies - Step 3

Selfies are fashionable but that does not mean that any place is appropriate for them. If you want a good selfie select the place where you're going to take it. Make sure everything around you looks OK and please, no matter how fashionable it is, avoid the bathroom selfie at all costs. It does not make you look good!

How To Take Good Selfies - Step 4

Choosing good light is important when taking a selfie to get the best results. Whether you choose a place out in the open air or one with artificial light, remember that light is a great ally for helping to highlight certain features and get a beautiful picture. However, if you choose a place with poor lighting your selfie will surely not be as good as you hoped.

How To Take Good Selfies - Step 5

Try your best faces to get a good selfie. Everyone has their own look, a way to smile or pout, that makes us look good, and that is just what you should do in your selfie. You can try out a few faces in the mirror or try it straight away with your phone. Undoubtedly the best and most practical way to get a good selfie is with the front camera of the phone.

And of course do not be afraid to make a silly face! Sometimes it's good to laugh at ourselves, and our selfies!

How To Take Good Selfies - Step 6

Do you have big eyes, a full mouth or wonderful hair? Highlight your attributes and get a great selfie that makes you look beautiful. Accentuating the best parts of your face is one of the keys to being more photogenic.

How To Take Good Selfies - Step 7

Finally, do not forget your best technological allies: a good filter helps to add a great touch to your photos as well as enhancing your appearance with the right lighting. You can find many options in the Play Store, App Store or Windows Phone Store, depending on your mobile phone's operating system. While Instagram is the most popular, check out some of the other photo apps such as retrica for more features and filters.

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How To Take Good Selfies
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How To Take Good Selfies

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