How to visit Rashtrapati Bhavan

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
How to visit Rashtrapati Bhavan

Rashtrapati Bhavan, which means the President’s House, is located in New Delhi, India. It is the official home of the President of India. This mansion has 340 rooms in its main building, consisting of President’s official residence, halls, guest rooms and offices. It is a 130 hectare President Estate which also includes the beautiful Mughal Gardens, residences of bodyguards and staff, stables and other offices and also consists of large open spaces. The decision to build it was taken in 1910 when the capital of India was shifted from Calcutta (now Kolkata) to Delhi. At that time it was named Viceroy’s House. It was renamed as Rashtrapati Bhavan on 26 January 1950 when Rajendra Prasad became the first President of India and occupied this building.

While visiting New Delhi you can also visit Rashtrapati Bhavan. It is opened to visitors from Friday to Sunday. But before visiting Rashtrapati Bhavan you have to book a visit in advance as this is a VIP area. After the online booking when you go there, you need to carry a valid photo ID card. Here is the process of online booking for the visit to Rashtrapati Bhavan.

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Steps to follow:

Visit the President’s website On the right hand menu you will find a tab called "Online Booking to Visit Rhashtrapati Bhavan".

How to visit Rashtrapati Bhavan - Step 1

There you will find a tab Click here for online booking. Click on that tab.


At first, choose whether you are going in a group of up to 10 people or more than 10. The fee for each person is Rs. 25 if you are up to 10 people in the group. For a group of more than 10 people there is a fixed fee of Rs. 600.


Now fill in the date and time of your visit. Also fill in the number of adults and children accompanying you. If you are a group of 10 people then you have to fill that 9 people are accompanying you.


Now click on Next.


A form will come up where you have to fill in your personal details along with the names of people accompanying you. You can submit any valid photo ID card but the President’s website states that Aadhaar cards will help to get you a quick approval.


The details which you have entered should be exactly same as the details given in the photo ID card of your choice. After filling the form click on Submit.


A new page will appear which will state the date and time of your visit along with the total amount charged.


To complete the payment click on Pay.


Once the amount had been paid, a registration number will be sent to your email id or through SMS. The application will then be processed by the President’s office and you will get a conformation message if it is approved.

How to visit Rashtrapati Bhavan - Step 10

Once you receive the conformation message, you can visit the Rashtrapati Bhavan on your chosen date and time. Don’t forget to carry the valid photo ID card along with you.


You can also take a virtual tour online if going to Delhi and visiting the Rashtrapati Bhavan is not possible.

How to visit Rashtrapati Bhavan - Step 12

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How to visit Rashtrapati Bhavan
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How to visit Rashtrapati Bhavan

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