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How to Write a Short Story Step by Step

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 25, 2017
How to Write a Short Story Step by Step

In a story, the writer chooses a chapter or story that they think is important and significant. One of the most current techniques used in literature is short stories. Short stories have become a technique used by writers for stories that are too long to be exciting. At OneHowTo.com we explain how to write a short story step by step.

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Steps to follow:


The first step to write a short story is to think of the issue you want to write about, what do you want to explain? What is the moral of your story? Think about how you want to develop it, what you want to tell and what the ending of your story will be. Think about its structure and, if you can, some of the details.

Remember that every story has to have a beginning, plot and ending so base your structure on these points.


Put your ideas on paper. Write whatever comes to mind, exactly as it was in your head. Do not be afraid to express yourself, taking into account everything which appeals to you and to express your feelings. This is a wonderful exercise that will help you personally and can also help others.

How to Write a Short Story Step by Step - Step 2

Next Read what you have written. This is better aloud. This will help you tell if your writing is fluid, if your writing flow in a natural way or, on the contrary, needs a change.


For a short story, as its name implies, you must come to the point quickly. To do this you have to use the fewest possible words. Search for words that contain the most information you want to give and thus save yourself from accumulating many unnecessary and repetitive words.


Be careful with using adjectives. You do not need adjectives , by contrast, it is much better if you have adjectives, just those that are necessary. Adjectives are the hardest part of writing and if not used properly can create confused, heavy text full of redundant and unnecessary information.


No need to explain everything in your story. Reading it aloud, you will realize that a lot of information is unnecessary. Stay with what is relevant, and therefore necessary, which transmits information faithfully. Avoid anything else, don't include anything more than you need.

Keep it simple and make sure you don't miss the essence of what you wanted to explain.


Brevity, conciseness, ideas connected by verbs expressing movement, action, time and new circumstances: these are the main features of the short story. In this OneHowTo article, we give you advice so you know how to write a story for a newspaper regardless of the extent of it, do not miss it!

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  • Read many writings of the same kind, this will help you write better.
  • Attending workshops and schools that teach writing may help.
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How to Write a Short Story Step by Step