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Ideas to Spend a Fun Weekend

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
Ideas to Spend a Fun Weekend

Tired of doing the same thing? Weekends can be better: You just have to take a little thought in planning it a little at a time. Dare to go camping, out with friends, to organize a party because why not!? or dedicate a moment to yourself, do what you want but make this weekend unforgettable. On OneHowTo we want to help you enjoy the most of your free time, which is why in this article there are some ideas to spend a fun weekend. Take note!

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Our No.1 idea to have a fun weekend is to plan it with friends. How long has it been since you mucked about like when you were a kid? Well now is the time to go back in time with your friends and create a sports day for adults, where you will all find your inner child.

Typical sack races, orientation or apple bobbing will get you laughing like you haven't in a long time. Also you do not need too many things to carry out this plan because it can be performed in a public park or forest without any problems.

Ideas to Spend a Fun Weekend - Step 1

Another idea is to have a weekend adventure with friends away from home. Adrenaline, nature and fun are the real stars of this fun plan you can do with your friends. Dare to have a go kart race, try climbing, go rafting... there are a lot of fun activities you can do outdoors!

Ideas to Spend a Fun Weekend - Step 2

Why not spend the weekend to learn something new? During the week we are busy working, doing housework and resting, so you can devote a weekend to learn that you've always wanted to do, what do you think? Sign up for a cooking course, go wine tasting, sign up for dance lessons or go on a fun meeting are fun options you can do either alone or together with your friends.

Ideas to Spend a Fun Weekend - Step 3

Another idea for a fun weekend is organizing a theme party. We are always looking for an excuse for a party, whether it's for a birthday, good news, the arrival of Spring... But we don't have to find reasons because the desire to have fun is already a reason, do not you think? Encourage your friends and plan a theme that everyone likes: 60s party, party set in the world of cabaret,Hawaiian party, pirate party, and so on. Go and buy the materials to decorate the party and you'll have a great time, you'll see!

Ideas to Spend a Fun Weekend - Step 4

If you want to spend a calmer weekend a good option is go to a spa or give yourself to a massage. Because these days are also needed away from it all and relax, spas are a wellness oasis where you get to spend a very pleasant time. In addition you can also go with friends and share this relaxing experience together.

Ideas to Spend a Fun Weekend - Step 5

A cultural plan is also a good idea to have fun during the weekend. Search your city for concerts, see what plays are on or what exhibits are in the museums; choose the one you like and make sure your weekend is full of culture and fun. You can go alone or with friends and have a great time doing something you like.

Ideas to Spend a Fun Weekend - Step 6

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Ideas to Spend a Fun Weekend