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What are Surfboard Blanks?

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What are Surfboard Blanks?

A Surfboard is the most essential equipment required for surfing. Surfing was invented in Hawaii and surfboards at that time were made of wood. With the advancement in technology many changes have been made in the surfboard due to which the new surfboards are buoyant and maneuverable.

In this article we will know What are Surfboard Blanks.

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Surfboard Blanks

Modern surfboards are made from polyurethane or polystyrene foam due to which these surfboards are much more light and strong than earlier ones. This foam core in the surfboard is known as Blanks.

Forming the Surfboard Blank

The surfboard blank which is also known as the foam core is formed in a large mold of cement. This cement mold is in the shape of the surfboard. There are two halves in the cement mold. The inside of the mold is lined with a special paper. This paper keeps the foam from sticking to the mold.

To form the foam core / surfboard blank, the two halves of the mold are clamped together and the mold is heated. Then liquid polyurethane chemical is poured into the mold. The heat in the mold triggers a chemical reaction in the liquid. This chemical reaction causes the liquid to form dense, white foam. This process is known as Blowing the Blank. After 25 minutes, the mold is opened and the foam core is taken out so that it can harden properly.

Types of Blanks

There are two main types of surfboard blanks / foams to choose from. They are Polyurethane and Polystyrene.

  • Polyurethane: Polyurethane had been used to make foam boards since 1950. Most custom made surfboards are made from polyurethane. Blanks made of polyurethane are light weight. Polyurethane is very fine and brittle. So, it can be shaped even in the corners easily using sandpaper without tearing into it. The only downside of polyurethane is that it is toxic and non- renewable.


  • Polystyrene: Blanks made from polystyrene are much lighter than blanks made from polyurethane. But they are not as strong as polyurethane. When polystyrene is coated with epoxy resin it becomes quite durable. Unlike polyurethane, blanks made from polystyrene are environmental friendly and recyclable. The only downside is that blanks made from polystyrene take two to four times more labor to shape than blanks made from polyurethane.

There are two types of Polystyrene foam which are extruded and expanded. Extruded polystyrene foam is closed cell foam. It is produces in solid cells or blocks. The expanded polystyrene foams are composed of closed cells which are expanded through heat and blown in surfboard shaped molds.

Now you know what surfboard blanks are you may also want to know how to safely attach a leash to a surfboard.


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What are Surfboard Blanks?
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What are Surfboard Blanks?