What Are the Best Unspoilt Islands in the Philippines?

What Are the Best Unspoilt Islands in the Philippines?

Everyone loves beach holidays. Swimming, surfing, making sand castles, ice creams, sea food along with flaunting our hot bod in bikinis; there is nothing to detest about a beach except the crowd. Crowded beaches are the greatest mood spoiler. If you want to have the beach fun minus the crowd then the best option is to visit a beach or island which is not very famous. Some of the best unspoilt beaches are located in Philippines. If you want to know about the best unspoilt islands in Philippines then keep reading this OneHowTo article.

Sumilon Island, Cebu

Located on the southeastern tip of Cebu, the 24 hectare Sumilon island is Philippines' first marine protected area. This beautiful island is constantly growing in popularity but is yet relatively unspoilt as compared to other islands of Philippines. Sumilon Island’s pristine clear blue green water attracts the attention along with its host of colorful fishes and thriving coral reef which can be seen while travelling through the glass bottom boats. One of the main attractions of this island is the 19th century watch tower.

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Calaguas Island

The most famous island of Philippines is Boracay which is now swarmed with tourists during the peak season. If you want to enjoy the view of Boracay sans the crowd then the best alternative is the Calaguas Island. Both these beaches are so similar that Calagaus is often known as “Boracay 20 years ago”. The clear blue waters beyond the white sand paint picturesque scenery. This island provides one a great place for snorkeling, bird watching or just simply lazing around in the stillness. But there is lack of amenities in this island so before you visit the island, pack some food and camping essentials.

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Island of Sorsogon

The Island of Sorsogon is located in the southernmost tip of Luzon, Philippines. Two of the best beaches of this island are the Tikling Island and Subic beach. Both of them are very quiet as they are only used by the locals and are hence unspoilt by the tourists. The pink sand of this island is a treat for the eye. So, star gazing and firefly gazing can be on the to-do list of this island. Besides, there are three lakes of Bulusan volcano which are a must see.

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Archipelago of El Nido

Difficulty in reaching the El Nido archipelago has till now left this cluster of island unspoilt by the tourists. It is located in the northern tip of Palawan, Philippines. The steep limestone cliffs, white sandy beach and crystal clear water paint a view of paradise. Surrounding this archipelago are many stunning waterfalls, lagoons and caves. On visiting this archipelago, rent a boat and go island hopping.

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