What Is The Best Luggage For Air Travel

What Is The Best Luggage For Air Travel
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Aside from worrying about your airline losing your bags, one of the major stresses of air travel is buying a suitable bag or suitcase to carry your luggage. There are quite a few different brands on the market today and it can be difficult to know which luggage to buy for air travel.

If you are unsure about what is the best luggage for air travel then OneHowTo.com can educate you on some of the best pieces of luggage for your next flight.

Ed Heck Moon Dog

The Ed Heck Moon Dog 21 inch carry-on is a great piece of luggage. It is incredibly spacious and can be expanded by just unzipping the expanding zipper part. It is also a very light weight carry-on. It is made of water resistant materials and the wheels move quickly and easily when you are running around at the airport.

Bric's Bellagio Spinner

Bric's Bellagio Spinner is a carry-on bag that has been highly rated among those who have purchased it. This is a 21 inch spinner, carry-on and it is very light weight. It holds quite a lot for a carry-on and has many different pockets and places to store items that you may need on your flight. This bag is scratch resistant and also features water resistant zippers. It complies with all of the airline regulations.

Delsey Helium Fusion 29

The Delsey Helium Fusion Luggage holds quite a lot of clothing. The tests that have been performed on it show it holds 9 to 10 full outfits. It is expandable so that it holds quite a few extra items that you may need on your next trip. When this suitcase is fully packed, it only weighs about 32 pounds.

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The North Face Sidetrack 19

The North Face makes a 19 inch carry-on that can be wheeled around the airport nice and smoothly. This bag is very stable and will not tip over easily like most bags. It will repel water and has very deep pockets for storing all over your possessions. It is very light weight so it won't break any of the airline scales.

Burton Wheelie Flight Deck Carry-on

The Burton carry-on is very comfortable to walk around the airport with. It is incredibly sturdy for those who are rough with their luggage or do a lot of air travel. It is very easy to open and close and it has quite a lot of storage space for all of your belongings.

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Choosing a Suitable Luggage for Air Travel

When you are traveling, be sure that you are prepared. All of these luggage options will work if you are hard on your luggage and if you spend a lot of time at airports. All you need to do is decide which luggage case suits your needs and budget best. If you want to be sure to take good care of your luggage then why not read about how to clean a suitcase?

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