What to Wear for Hiking

What to Wear for Hiking

Hiking is an excellent hobby, whether you are trying to keep fit, get out into nature or enjoy the company of friends and family. Often when hiking though you come across various terrains, and occasionally bouts of unpredictable weather. So what's the best thing to wear when hiking? You might start off feeling a little chilly, and half an hour in feel like you've completely over done it with the two jumpers and woolly hat that you layered on before leaving the house. Here at OneHowTo, we're going to advise you on what to wear for hiking, so you can enjoy your trails and feel prepared.

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One of the most important aspects of dressing for hiking is your shoes. Depending on where you are hiking you will want a comfortable hiking shoe or boot. This footwear is designed for tougher terrain which can support your feet and ankles. Most hiking shoes are also waterproof to protect you from the elements, you might want to be at one with nature but I doubt that includes soggy feet and socks. If you're not sure what shoes to use for a hike, take a look at how to choose the right walking shoes.


It's also a good idea to wear a pair of thick hiking socks, and if you don't have these, double up on your normal socks. This will protect you from any blisters or discomfort that new hiking boots can sometimes cause, and also soaks up any sweat that you produce during your hike. Unpleasant maybe, but it's a sign of a decent walk.


A long sleeved top is often a good idea if you're hiking in hot weather, purely to protect you against the sun. But if you're well prepared with suncream, a t.shirt is also fine. Cotton is most breathable, however any top that you're comfortable is perfect.


When it comes to packing your backpack for a hiking trip, don't forget a lightweight waterproof. This is pretty self explanatory, it'll protect you from the rain, but waterproof material will also protect you from the wind and and the cold breeze you often encounter if your hike takes you further into the hills. Lightweight waterproofs or jackets also mean you can fit them nicely into a rucksack if you do get too hot, there's nothing more annoying that having to lug around an oversized coat that you've ended up overheating in.


A pair of hiking or outdoor trousers are a good investment if you go hillwalking regularly. Otherwise a pair of comfortable trousers or long shorts that you don't mind getting a little muddy. Depending on what time of year or the area in which you are hiking, long trousers are sometimes best. Hikes abroad can sometimes mean you encounter insects or mosquitos, in which case trousers offer protection. But comfort is important, you need to be able to bend your knees easily for any steep trails so stay away from the tight fitting pants if possible.


A warm hat or cap is good to wear, again depending on the season. Whether it's bitter cold or strong sun, your ears will appreciate the protection. It's also easy to burn your head hiking in the hot weather and it's a good idea to save yourself from possible sun stroke!

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What to Wear for Hiking
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What to Wear for Hiking

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