What to Wear Hiking in Costa Rica

By Rebecca Doughty . Updated: May 31, 2018
What to Wear Hiking in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small but beautiful country, and has recently become a popular travel destination for those seeking the wonders of nature. With many protected national parks, forests, flora and fauna it's no surprise to learn that nature lovers are visiting there to experience the wildlife and landscapes through hikes and treks, the best ways to really experience what a country has to offer. But with such high humidity and unpredictable rainfall it's difficult to know what the most appropriate clothes are to wear to ensure you are protected from the elements but comfortable too. So here at OneHowTo, we're going to advise you on what to wear hiking in Costa Rica, so all you have to do is pack your bags!

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Costa Rica has a tropical climate, and with this type of climate you will usually experience two seasons: wet and dry. The wet season is usually between May and November. If you're planning to hike during the wet season, it's recommended you take a reliable pair of waterproof hiking boots. This will ensure that even if the rest of you ends up a little damp, that your feet will remain dry. There's nothing worse than trudging in soggy shoes no matter how beautiful the scenery is! Remember to pack a good pair of socks to ensure you're protected against blisters.

The dry season, between the end of November and April, is a little less wet however you will still encounter some rain. A decent pair of hiking sandals (closed toe is best to prevent any bug bites), or general lacenup walking shoes will be perfect. If you're unsure of when to travel, take a look at our article on the best times to travel to Costa Rica.


Despite the heat and humidity, long trousers are best for hiking in Costa Rica. These will protect you from any insect bites or wandering bugs that you might encounter in the forest. If you don't have hiking trousers, athletic style leggings can also work well as they too are designed to be breathable. If you are too warm wearing trousers, wear some comfortable shorts and stock up on the insect repellant just to be sure!

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Again, an athletic style t-shirt can be a great idea when hiking in Costa Rica. The breathable material will help to keep you cool, and of course they are designed to cope with sweat, which I'm sure you'll work up trekking in this tropical country. Tip: If you're choosing to wear a short sleeved t.shirt, make sure you remember the suncream, even in the rainy season the Costa Rica sun can pack a powerful amount of heat!


Packing a lightweight waterproofer in your hiking rucksack is always a good idea. The weather in Costa Rica can be unpredictable, and whilst the rain might cool you down its good to be able to protect yourself in the case of a heavier downpour. A plastic rain poncho is always handy to have too, they fold up to extremely small, cheap, are long enough to cover you're body and are reusable too!

Tip: Pack a couple of plastic bags, then if any of your gear gets wet and muddy whilst you're hiking, you can pack it away nicely without dirtying the rest of your rucksack! For more tips on packing for your hiking trip, take a look at how to pack your backpack for a hiking trip.

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What to Wear Hiking in Costa Rica
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What to Wear Hiking in Costa Rica

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