How to make a coca cola can bounce

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017

Experiments are perfect to teach people in a visual and clear way, so they can learn science concepts they see daily but that they had never thought about. This home experiment we'd like to show you is perfect to show small children but it can also be a great game for a dinner party with friends. This experiment is based on the change in air temperature that makes pressure change and therefore the can can move. Don't miss the following OneHowto video to see how to make a coca cola can bounce.

You'll need:
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When you heat the air inside the can, the pressure rises and the air looks for an area to come out, at the end the only option is to lift the can to get out through the overture and then we see how the can starts bouncing. When we raise the air temperature inside we are also raising pressure.

  • Pour the water on the plate and place the can there too, so that there aren't any leaks that are not focused on this area and then see the bubbles when the air comes out.

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How to make a coca cola can bounce
How to make a coca cola can bounce

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