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How To Light A Fire With A Battery And Foil

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By Sheetal B. Updated: January 25, 2017
How To Light A Fire With A Battery And Foil

Fire is one of the elements that is inevitable in our daily lives. While we have several modern methods to light a fire, we may need to light fire through other ways when in not so habitable conditions. Your fire igniting skills could be a key to your survival under such circumstances. Do you know you could use a battery and foil to light a fire? The essence of this method lies on the principles of metals for conduction of heat and electricity. The metallic foil acts as a conductor and battery as source of electricity.

Keep reading this oneHOWTO article which explains all you need to know about lighting a fire with just a battery and kitchen foil.

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How Exactly To Light A Fire Using This Method

To light a fire with this technique you will need a Battery (as low as 9 volts is sufficient voltage capacity) to achieve this. The foil needs to be cut into thin strip and folded in the middle. The folded end needs to be cut at an angle of about 45 degrees so that the end result looks like a semi curved strip when unfolded. The foil which now is thin, resembling a filament acts as a conductor of electricity. The ends of the foil then need to be simultaneously touched to the positive and the negative ends of the battery.

The presence of less efficient metal in the foil as compared to metals like copper, for example, creates a weak circuit and a relatively bad conductor of electricity. The passing electric current heats up the foil so much that the filament like thin portion creates a spark. Any inflammable material like paper or straw can then catch fire from that spark. Remove the battery and foil away immediately as you see the fire starting. If you continue to hold it, it will result in the battery catching fire and can cause you injury.

Tips on Starting a Fire With a Battery and Foil

The chances of starting a fire increases with the increase in the number of batteries. The thickness of the foil needs to be kept in mind, as more the thickness lesser the resistance. Resistance is the opposition to the flow of electric current that a material or substance offers. So, more resistance is required to heat the foil successfully, in order to create a spark. Be cautious to not hold on to the foil on the battery for long with your fingers as overheating can cause burn injuries.

Like the basic law of energy that states 'energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be transformed from one form to another'. This method of lighting fire is a classic example of this law, where electric energy is transformed into heat energy.

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How To Light A Fire With A Battery And Foil