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How to Clean Nickel Silver

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How to Clean Nickel Silver

Nickel silver or Argentan, is not actually the same thing as silver, it is in fact a mixture of copper, nickel and zinc. This gives it a similar appearance to silver but in reality they are completely unrelated. When cleaning items made of German silver, it is therefore not recommended to use the same products and remedies that you would use for cleaning silver, as doing so may damage them. So that this doesn't happen to you, at OneHowTo we give you some tricks to help you keep your Nickel silver valuables clean.

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Try looking in a specialised shop for a special product for cleaning German silver. Remember that you must not use the same products as you would use to clean silver because Nickel silver is a completely different metal. Always consult a professional to guide you.


You can wash your German silver object directly with detergent and water. Doing this will get rid of all the dirt, dust and muck that make it dirty. Afterwards dry with a dry cloth, and you'll see great results.


Water mixed with bicarbonate is another great remedy to clean NickelGerman silver. Don't forget to apply it on any particularly rough or textured areas of your object, if it has any, because this is where the greatest amount of dirt and dust accumulates.


There are also special electrolytic plates that are specifically for cleaning metal. Place the plate in a bowl of hot water. Put the objects you wish to clean on top of it and follow the specific instructions indicated on the plate, as each model is used differently. You'll get excellent results.


Mild soap and warm water is also recommended. It is the traditional and easiest way to clean your German silver valuables and you will get great results. Remember to apply the soapy water all over the object and dry well with a clean cloth.


You can also try lining a container with aluminium foil, filling it with hot water and adding a pinch of salt. Leave your items in the container for a few minutes. This mix is great for leaving your German silver valuables looking like new, you'll see!


Generally, objects made of German silver are accessories: earrings, bracelets, etc. If the piece also has some kind of precious stone, mineral or other metal in it, consult a specialist who can tell you what to do in each case. Remember that every mineral is different and so what might clean one may end up damaging another.


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  • Keep in mind that if you use the same substance that you use to clean silver, your Nickel silver objects may get damaged.
  • Consult a professional or specialised centre if in doubt.
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How to Clean Nickel Silver
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How to Clean Nickel Silver