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How to Use IDog

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Use IDog

The iDog is a robot dog toy made by Sega and marketed by Hasbro. It is designed to respond to an external music source such as an MP3 player. The device lights up and dances along to the music. Marketed for people over 8 years, the iDog is easy to use. In this article, we will discover how to use idog.

You'll need:

  • Music players
  • iDog

Steps to follow:


Switch on your the iDog. Press the button on the nose of the iDog. The iDog will emit a sound and an animation with LED lights to indicate that it is on. Press and hold your iDog's nose for five seconds to turn it off.


Play with your iDog. Move your hand over the top of the head of your iDog and it will display an LED animation. If the light in the center of the iDog´s head flashes pink / purple, then it is an indication that the iDog wants to be petted. Press the button nose and hear a reaction from the toy.


Connect the iDog to a music player. Plug the "A" end of the supplied cable into the connector port on the side of the iDog. Plug the "B" end into the headphone jack of your music player. Plug your headphones into the headphone jack in the "C" end to listen to your favorite music.


Feed your iDog by playing music. When a light from the centre of the head of iDog gives blue flashes, the iDog wants to play music. Play music from another device and the little ears on your iDog will be alive to show you that the robot is listening, and then the head and ears regularly dance to the rhythm of the music. This can be done by connecting the iDog to a device or make sure the music is detected through the built-in microphone.


Stimulate a mood in your iDog. The iDog reacts to the type of music you play. If you play rock and punk, the LED ring flashes red head. If the music is dance or techno, green lights flash, and if it is hip hop or rap, it will begin flashing yellow.

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I have an I-dog cat. It looks very similar to the idog (but a cat). I don't think it works the same, how might I get that to work if you know.
My eyeball dog doesn't have plugs on the side A and B
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Scooter
What product do you have? IDogs generally all have the same plugs.
How to Use IDog