The Best Hiking Apps for iPhone

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
The Best Hiking Apps for iPhone

When the first flower of spring blooms a new joy is filled in every adventurer’s mind. After being cooped up all winter finally the joyous season of hiking is approaching. If you are new to hiking or you are going to explore a new place you will need some information beforehand. Earlier the sources of information were those who have hiked at those places. But in this digital age this information is available at the click of your finger. Just download the best hiking app for you and start packing your backpack. If you have an iPhone, keep reading because in this OneHowTo article we're going to tell you the best hiking apps for iPhone.

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  1. AllTrails
  2. PeakFinder
  3. MapMyHike GPS Hiking
  4. Maps 3D Pro
  5. Ramblr


AllTrails is one of the best apps for the hiker in you and beside it’s absolutely free. This app can guide you through more than 50,000 hiking trails. If you don’t want to go to a faraway place then you can search the hiking trail nearest to you. Besides, you can look up to trail reviews given by other people and can share your own review after the hiking experience. You can also look at the photos of the trail and also save your chosen trail. The saved trail can be referred even if you are offline. If you are a hiker who likes to discover his/her own trail then you can share it with others too by uploading it on this app using the GPS tracker of your iPhone.


For those hikers who love to trail over new mountain ranges, PeakFinder will become your best buddy. You can find the name of any mountain range in your sight with the help of this app. Just focus your iPhone’s camera towards the mountain or landscape you want to know about and PeakFinder will give you all the details surrounding you. Beside it will tell you the height of the mountain you are climbing and at what height you already are. It costs $3.99 but it will be helpful even if you are lounging at home and it functions offline too.

MapMyHike GPS Hiking

If you are worried about the calories you have piled up during winter then you can burn off those calories while hiking in summer and you can even track the calories burnt. MapMyHike is a hiking and weight loss app combined. You can map trail and keep track of the trail during hiking along with keeping track of calories consumed in the way and calories burnt along the way. If you feel lack in your motivation then this app lets you to sync to a wearable device and then connect with your friends who can encourage you along the way. The best feature of this app: it’s Free!

The Best Hiking Apps for iPhone - MapMyHike GPS Hiking

Maps 3D Pro

Maps 3D Pro gives you an extensive view of the trail you are planning to hike on even before you start. It gives the user a chance to interpret and visualize the hills, trails, ridges and footpaths in your hiking trip beforehand. It provides you a rich 2D and 3D topographic map of the trail. Also, you can record your whole trip even to the point of exact coordinates and elevations. It costs: $4.99.


If you are a hiker who loves to share your experience with the whole world, then Ramblr is the app for you. Through Ramblr you can keep a journal of your whole trip. You can even keep record of the distance travelled, your average speed, highest point along with videos, audios or pictures of the trail. And yes Ramblr is free.

The Best Hiking Apps for iPhone - Ramblr

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The Best Hiking Apps for iPhone