How To Pack A Romantic Picnic Basket

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By Sheetal B. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Pack A Romantic Picnic Basket

A romantic picnic is such a fun outdoorsy way to spend time with your partner/date. Think clear skies, fresh air, beautiful natural surroundings and your favorite wine to share with him/her. Unlike a meal date in a restaurant, romantic picnics need much more planning and involvement. You need to do everything yourself, from deciding the location and menu to carrying your own crockery and winding up at the end of it all. Your picnic basket should have everything you might need when out, without having to scramble for things which will, well spoil the romantic mood setting! At Onehowto, we tell you how to pack a romantic picnic basket.

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  1. What Would You Like To Have?
  2. Get The Right Wine
  3. Functional Yet Pretty Crockery
  4. Few Other Things
  5. Always Plan Ahead

What Would You Like To Have?

Whether you decide to have the picnic as a surprise or if both of you are planning it together, think of all the things that you and your partner like. What are your favorite foods, favorite drinks and favorite desserts? Have many options and then choose the ones that are easy to pack, carry and eat. You don’t want a chicken curry overflowing from your picnic basket spoiling everything around! Some original and practical recipes include Spanish vegetable omelette, prawn croquettes or cheese sticks. If you are planning to have a salad or a dish with dressing, bring the latter apart so it doesn't make the rest of the ingredients soggy.

So packing and handling food items is extremely important. Make sure you store the food in air-tight Tupperware so there are no spillages in the basket. It is best to bring food that can be eaten cold, but if you are planning to make cooked food, make sure you prepare it right before you set off and store it in an insulated bag that keeps it warm.

If you want to do something special for your partner/ date, surprise them with their favorite wine or chocolate!

How To Pack A Romantic Picnic Basket - What Would You Like To Have?

Get The Right Wine

Wine sets the tone for a slow relaxing leisurely time spent in the company of each other. Compliment the food with the right kind of wine. A great wine can do wonders for your mood and enhances the overall quality of the outing.

As with the food, if you want cold drinks you should keep them in a separate insulated bag with an ice cooler or a special wine cooler.

How To Pack A Romantic Picnic Basket - Get The Right Wine

Functional Yet Pretty Crockery

Romantic settings are all about beautiful things presented beautifully. Functional yet pretty crockery add a touch of class and style. Get the right wine glasses to enjoy every sip together in the beautiful surroundings. Therefore, if you want to be more stylish, go for hard plastic glasses instead of tacky paper ones.

You can also choose paper plates with a nice pattern on them and some napkins with the same print instead of plain plastic ones.

How To Pack A Romantic Picnic Basket - Functional Yet Pretty Crockery
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Few Other Things

Elegant picnic baskets are available especially for romantic outings. Perfect to hold food packs, plates, cutlery and wine glasses, these picnic baskets are functional and pretty at the same time. Such an awesome way to carry your things in style!

Do not forget other items in your picnic basket like; can/ bottle opener, paper towels/ napkins/ wet wipes, salt shaker and pepper mill and most importantly a picnic mat to spread out on the ground. Portable music is an excellent way to enhance the romantic atmosphere, so do carry that as well.

How To Pack A Romantic Picnic Basket - Few Other Things
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Always Plan Ahead

Though impromptu picnic plans are exciting and fun, the most memorable romantic picnics are the ones that have been well thought out and carefully planned. Picnic items must be able to enhance your mood and be least bothersome when it comes to handling and wrapping up at the end. So go ahead and enjoy the great romantic picnic that you always wanted to with your loved one.

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How To Pack A Romantic Picnic Basket