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What Is Artificial Intelligence Used for?

Elsie Goycoolea
By Elsie Goycoolea. Updated: August 3, 2020
What Is Artificial Intelligence Used for?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming the next big thing in technology and computer science. It seems not so long ago that artificial intelligence was just a theme of many science fiction movies that has suddenly made its way into real life. Artificial intelligence refers to the branch of computer science that explores the capabilities of technology performing intelligent tasks. It has sparked the interest of many company moguls within the medicine, transportation and gaming industries.

In this OneHowTo article we answer the question: what is artificial intelligence used for?

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  1. AI in medicine
  2. AI in transportation
  3. AI in games
  4. AI in daily life

AI in medicine

If there is one industry that has benefited from technological advancements, that is the medicine industry. As important as it is to provide treatment to patients, it is equally crucial to invest in advances in disease diagnosis and prevention. Artificial neural networks (ANS) have been designed to model how the brain functions and leading to an improvement in the diagnosis of several malignant diseases. Additionally, it is now possible to perform minimal invasive surgeries that require extreme precision.

Still within the medicine world, several companies are investing in the creation of human-like people that could be used to provide therapeutic robotic aids for ill patients. These robots may be able to be programmed to remember the medications many people have to take; as well as be trained to assist them in their treatments.

AI in transportation

Many technological companies are seeing the transportation industry as a new profitable goal to dive into. The idea of an autonomous car may soon be a viable option thanks to artificial intelligence advancements. The integrated system will be able to recognize the environment and surroundings in order to move the car safely. Additionally, the use of speech recognition software and eye recognition monitoring will allow the driver to control the self-driving car.

Similarly, artificial intelligence is also being used in the aviation industry. It is no secret that air controllers have a very stressful and demanding job. It is being explored how could artificial intelligence be used to automatize and polish air traffic controlling systems.

What Is Artificial Intelligence Used for? - AI in transportation

AI in games

A major aspect of the popularity of games is the power to control and direct the experience. Unlike films, the user is able to participate actively in the game. Artificial intelligence is used to make computer and video games much more challenging and demanding for the user. The non-player characters (NPCs) will show a high level of intelligence that will set up for competition. Moreover, the recent incorporations of virtual reality (VR) systems in games are augmenting the realism of many fun experiences.

What Is Artificial Intelligence Used for? - AI in games

AI in daily life

The truth is that artificial intelligence is everywhere and it is highly likely that at some point during the day you are making use of it. For instance, Apple devices offer a virtual assistant system called Siri. When you pose a question to Siri, she will respond to you quite often very accurately. This system uses speech recognition along having access to your preferences. You might also notice that Google is getting smarter every day. It will learn and store information you may have searched for and learn of any data that you may have entered about yourself to drive algorithms to suggest things you may like.

What Is Artificial Intelligence Used for? - AI in daily life

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What Is Artificial Intelligence Used for?