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How to Get a Woman to Notice You

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: November 12, 2020
How to Get a Woman to Notice You

Are you interested in a woman who doesn't seem to notice you? Don't worry! In this oneHOWTO article we're going to give you tips to feel more confident, spark up a conversation and finally get her to notice you. Keep reading to learn more!

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  1. Be yourself
  2. Use the correct body language
  3. Have the initiative
  4. Be curious
  5. Talk about your passions
  6. Use your strengths
  7. Dress to impress
  8. What if they're just not into you?

Be yourself

The first and most important tip we can give you is to be yourself. Woman, just like men, want someone who is confident and authentic. Therefore, be confident in yourself and what you have to offer as a person.

Don't lie about yourself or force any behaviour, such as a forced laugh. Be natural, be yourself and try to be relaxed. This way, she will be able to appreciate you for the person you are.

Do you have trouble with self-confidence? A little exercise you can try is to make a list of things you do like about yourself. And, don't be modest! You have a lot to offer. If you're having trouble with the list, ask your friends and family. You can also read our article about how to gain confidence.

Use the correct body language

By correct body language we mean you should feel relaxed so that the other person can also feel at ease. You can also smile and look at their eyes when they talk to you. With all of this being said, you should always be respectful of their personal space, especially if it's the first time you talk to them or if your friendship hasn't yet developed.

How to Get a Woman to Notice You - Use the correct body language

Have the initiative

It's a little difficult to get a girl's attention without speaking to her. So, if she isn't initiating conversations, you should! Don't be afraid to give a friendly “hi” when passing by each other at school or work. You can also spark up a conversation by asking for directions or something else that you two have in common, it can be about school work, a meeting, etc.

Have initiative. The worst case scenario is that they don't respond so warmly to you. However, it's not necessarily your fault, they could be having an off day or simply be shy. At least they have seen you and how friendly you are. You never know, maybe next time they will be the first to say hello.

Be curious

Now that you know how to spark up a conversation with her, you may be wondering how to have an interesting conversation that both of you can enjoy having. A good tip for a nice conversation with your crush is to be curious.

Ask her about her hobbies, favourite music, studies, interests, etc. Everyone likes talking about things that make them happy. So, be curious! Take this time to get to know her better and show her that you're interested in her stories, interests and opinions.

Still worried about this talking to her? Check out our article on the best questions to start a conversation.

How to Get a Woman to Notice You - Be curious

Talk about your passions

When you're chatting with her, mention your passions. It is very attractive and enjoyable to hear people talk about what makes them passionate. It'll also help her understand what type of person you are. This will help her determine whether she's interested in you as a friend or more.

So, mention your passions and ask her about hers. It's always nice to talk about what motivates us and what we enjoy doing.

Use your strengths

Use your strengths when interacting with her. Maybe your strength is being kind and sweet, or smart and helpful. Your strength could even be your sense of style or perhaps your great sense of humour that can make her smile. Be yourself and use these strengths to show her who you are and how nice it is to be in your presence.

Everyone is different and everyone has their own strength, let yours shine when you're with her!

Dress to impress

Women generally put a lot of work into their looks. Whether it is due to society's pressure or her interest in makeup and fashion, she'll probably appreciate it if you put effort into your look too. Not only will dressing well make her notice you but it can boost your confidence too. It doesn't matter what fashion style you like, dress to impress yourself and others.

How to Get a Woman to Notice You - Dress to impress

What if they're just not into you?

Maybe you've done all you could but she doesn't seem to care for you or like you in a romantic way. What should you do then? Simply accept it. Not everyone can be interested in you, just like you are not interested in everyone. Rejection is part of life and shouldn't get you down. You tried your best and you have nothing to regret. With time you will find someone that interests you and that is equally interested in you, and that is what you truly deserve.

So if she's just not into you, accept it and move on. Remember that “no” means no. Therefore, if she tells you she is not interested or if she's dating someone else, be mature and respectful of her decision. Remember that there will be someone else out there for you!

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How to Get a Woman to Notice You