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Best This or That Questions - Over 120!

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: April 14, 2019
Best This or That Questions - Over 120!

‘Would you rather’ (known also as ‘this or that’) is a popular game which can be played among couples, friend groups or at family gatherings. This or that involves asking a question with two possible options and a person needs to choose only one which they prefer to do. For example, would you rather speak all language or only speak to animals? You can only choose one!

Hot, disgusting, funny, extreme, deep, +18 ... Discover our full list of the BEST this or that questions here at oneHOWTO.

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  2. This or that questions: deep
  3. This or that questions: adults
  4. This or that questions: dirty

Funny this or that questions

The fear, the disgust, the shame, the laughter ... all of these are sensations that, seen from a distance, can always make on chuckle. Leave your comfort zone, put yourself in someone else’s skin and laugh out loud with your friends with these following funny would you rather questions:

  • Travel around the world but never return to your country or never leave your country.
  • Always arrive 1 hour early or always arrive 1 hour late.
  • Spend your life eating junk food or never eating any junk food.
  • Always having nightmares or seeing ghosts while awake.
  • Living in the house of your dreams in a very bad neighborhood or living in a bad house in the neighborhood of your dreams.
  • Be poor next with the love of your life or being a multimillionaire without ever knowing love.
  • Not being able to kiss ever again or not being able to hug ever again.
  • Be incredibly smart but very ugly or be incredibly beautiful but lack intelligence.
  • You can only only talk by screaming or you can only speak by whispering.
  • Be constantly naked or have everyone be able to read your mind.
  • To rewind moments of your life or to put life on pause.
  • To be able to speak to animals or have to ability speak all of the languages ​​in the world.
  • Always live with your parents or marry someone you do not know (and no, you can’t get a divorce).
  • Measure half of what your height or weigh twice as much as you weigh.
  • Know what day you will die or know how you will die.
  • Travel free by plane or sleep for free in hotels.
  • Be alone (forever) on a desert island or with a person you hate.
  • Losing all of your hair or having hair all over your body.
  • Know when someone lies or be able to lie without anyone ever knowing.
  • Spend all of your life wearing costume or tracksuit.
  • Never queue again or never party.
  • Watch a movie made up of the best moments of your past or only watch one important scene from your future.
  • End racism or end chauvinism.
  • Have incredible vision or have incredible hearing.
  • Wear summer clothes in winter or wear winter clothes in summer.
  • Speak like Yoda or breathe like Darth Vader.
  • Be able to fly or be able to read minds.
  • Be able to fly or be invisible.
  • Always wear sweaty clothes or brush your teeth with someone else's toothbrush brush.
  • Lack a leg or lack an arm.
  • Have the ability to communicate with animals or be able to teleport.
  • Only be able to taste sweet or savory.
  • Sing everything you say or scream when you read.
  • Never use the Internet or never use a phone.
  • Celebrate your birthday every day or never celebrate your birthday ever again.
  • To be able to go back in time or know what will happen in the future.
  • Losing your mobile or living alone and losing your keys.
  • Have more time or have more money.
  • Always wear wet socks or always wear wet clothes.
  • Reincarnate into a cat or reincarnate into a dog.
  • Be very good at something you hate or be very bad at something you love.
  • Laugh uncontrollably when someone tells something funny or never laugh when someone tells something funny.
  • Loud fart that doesn’t smell or silent fart that smells.
  • Never see your face again or see your face but look bad.
  • Always wear shoes two sizes too small or always wear shoes two sizes too big.

If you want to be more innovative, you can always ask a person why they have decided on their answer, there’s nothing wrong with a good debate! In addition, these questions are also suitable for Instagram, take a look at our Instagram poll questions article for more!

Best This or That Questions - Over 120! - Funny this or that questions

This or that questions: deep

The best part of this or that game is that you can adapt it to different group sizes and age groups! If you’re wanting to ask some deep questions and reach a more intense level in this game, here are some of our more serious would you rather questions for you to choose from:

  • Spend a year whole year with a temperature of 40º or -10º.
  • Eat a poop with a cake flavor or a cake with poop flavor.
  • Think that your partner is unfaithful when they aren’t or not know your partner is unfaithful when they are.
  • Burn to death or freeze to death.
  • Have a nose on your neck or knee.
  • Have a neck like a giraffe or have a nose like an elephant.
  • Have 3 legs or have 3 arms.
  • Have a baby tomorrow or not have a child until 65 years old.
  • Spend 5 years in jail or 10 years in a coma.
  • Smell very bad without noticing or always smelling something disgusting without anyone noticing.
  • Not changing clothes for a month or not showering for a month.
  • Eating a rotten egg or drinking spoiled milk.
  • Being able to always smell your own breath or armpits.
  • Catch your partner cheating on you or have your partner catch you cheating on them.
  • Poo 10 times a day or once every 2 weeks.
  • Remove rotten food from the sink with your hands everyday (for a week) or not wash your hands for a week.
  • Never wear underwear or only be able to wear used underwear.
  • Eat an entire pot of mustard or use mustard as toothpaste for a week.
  • Be in a place you hate with the person you love or be in the place of your dreams alone.
  • Being 70 years old and having the body of an 18 year old or the mind of an 18 year old.
  • Never needing to sleep again or sleeping 12 hours with sleep paralysis.
  • Arrive late to your wedding or have everyone else arrive late.
  • Know the date of your death or the cause.
  • Be able to read or control a mind.
  • Be rich or be poor with an amazing talent.
  • Win the lottery but have no friends or live off of benefits for the rest of your life.
  • Eat a whole apple with a worm inside or eat half an apple and see the half eaten worm.
  • Stay hungry for a week or eat every 5 minutes.
  • Be able to change your personality or your looks.

For more questions and games to play in groups, take a look at our article where we list the best never have I ever questions for you to choose from!

Best This or That Questions - Over 120! - This or that questions: deep

This or that questions: adults

Take note: these would you rather questions are only suitable for adults

  • Have 10 children or have none.
  • Nobody show up at your wedding or no one shows up to your funeral.
  • Win 50,000 euros right now or every win 5 euros every day.
  • Looking like a 10 year old for all of life or having the body of a 70 year old.
  • Earn 100,000 euros immediately or earn 1 million within 10 years.
  • Have more time or more money.
  • Be rich or fall in love.
  • Be someone else or stay as you are.
  • End all wars or end world hunger.
  • Lose your ID or cellphone.
  • Be famous for something you’re bad at or not be famous but being really good at something.
  • Busy or bored.
  • Only age physically or only age mentally.
  • Buried alive or drown to death.
  • Be your own boss or work for someone else.
  • Be nice but get nowhere or be a bad person and get somewhere in life.
  • Would you rather follow your heart or your head for your whole life.
  • Have perfect memory or forget things you want to forget.

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This or that questions: dirty

Are you looking for some hot would you rather questions? If so, this list of hot, sexy and dirty this or that questions are for you:

Would you rather...

  • Have your grandmother watch a sexual video of you or have someone upload it to Facebook for 5 minutes.
  • Be a virgin until 40 and then have incredible sex or have mediocre sex all your life.
  • Watching your partner have sex with someone else or have your partner watch you have sex with someone else.
  • Have sex for 1 minute or have sex for 10 hours in a row.
  • Have sex with your boss without anyone knowing or not having sex with your boss but everyone thinks you did.
  • Having sex with someone attractive you don’t like or having sex with someone you like who isn’t physically attractive.
  • Feeling intense pleasure but not being able to give it or not be able to feel pleasure but be able to give it.
  • Not be able to orgasm but have sex with other people or never have sex with anyone else but be able to masturbate with orgasms.
  • That your friend watch you have sex or a video of you having sex circulates the internet but you cannot see your face.
  • Be on top or underneath.
  • Lights on or off.
  • Spit or swallow.
  • Romantic sex or kinky sex.
  • Have to pay for sex or be paid for sex.
  • Watch female porn or male porn.
  • Would you rather know your partner is cheating on you or never find out.
  • Have sex with an ex or have sex with someone you’ve never met before.
  • Give oral or receive oral.
  • Doggy or missionary.
  • Have to watch your partner touch themselves or have your partner watch you.
  • Be the one in control or have someone control you in sex.
  • Be in an open relationship with your partner or not be in a relationship with them at all.
  • Have good sex in a bad place or have bad sex in the place of your dreams.

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