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How To Keep Safe If You Go Walking In The Mountain

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How To Keep Safe If You Go Walking In The Mountain

Walking in the mountain is one of the most effective ways of appreciating nature. It is healthy, and a great way to unwind and relax. That is why, it is one of the most popular ideas to spend a fun weekend. However, these are elements of risk inherent in mountain walking. Although a majority of people who walk in the mountains do not encounter any problems, but sometimes, serious accidents may and do happen, and that is why, it is important to know how to keep safe if you go walking in the mountain. is going to share some really useful tips with you.

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Make a proper plan for the route you are going on. Do not forget everything you would need on the way, including maps, food, water, clothes etc. Know your fitness level, and set realistic targets to achieve. Select a route that would be suitable for the weak members in your group too. You may hire a guide, especially if you are heading towards higher parts of the mountain, and if there is snow. You should cross snow fields only if you have the right equipment, knowledge and experience.


Be ready to change your plans at the last minute. Before you leave, if you find that the weather has got worse, or if you are not feeling healthy today, then you may select an easier route, or plan for some other day. If the weather suddenly changes during the trek, then don’t feel ashamed to return back.


Bring loads of water on your trek. Intense heat and sun, coupled with mountain climbing, may lead to dehydration, and make you feel hot and thirsty even during winters. Experts advise not to drink from a river, unless you are close to the headwaters. Even if you have to do so, drink from a fast flowing section of the river. Natural springs with clear water are safe to drink, but to be on the safe side, you can bring some water purification tablets along. If you have to drink from a lake, you can purify the water using these tablets.


Keep your head covered, and apply sunscreen. Sunburns and sunstrokes are quite dangerous at times. Sun is going to be stronger at heights, so you have to be extra careful while going high up in the mountains.


As you move up, the winds may become stronger, and nights colder. Snow or rain may appear suddenly out of nowhere. So, it is a good idea to bring along a waterproof jacket or fleece with you.


Wear good trainers or hiking boots, as the ground in the mountains may be uneven and rocky. A minor twist in your ankle can become a big problem up there.


Inform your family and friends about where you are going. Give the map of your route to someone, and follow it strictly. Also tell them how long you are going to do trekking. If you do not return back by a specific date, the friend should become alert, and take necessary steps.


Don’t rely on your cell phones. Most phones do not receive signals in the mountains, or you may run out of battery any time. However, it is a good idea to bring your cell phone along, and have your emergency numbers saved in your shortcuts. For dangerous excursions, a satellite phone will be a good idea in case of distress.


If you are in doubt, ask for expert advice. Collect up to date weather conditions about the mountain, and plan accordingly.


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How To Keep Safe If You Go Walking In The Mountain
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How To Keep Safe If You Go Walking In The Mountain