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How to Play Online Games With Friends

Anaëlle Laurent
By Anaëlle Laurent. Updated: March 16, 2023
How to Play Online Games With Friends

Whether it's due to long distance friendships or quarantine, online games are a great way to spend time with your friends and have fun.

In this oneHOWTO article we're going to explain how to play online games with friends. We'll suggest various games you can play online, whether on your PC or phone. Keep reading to learn more about these games!

  1. Online games to play with friends for free
  2. Online games to play with friends on PC
  3. Apps to play with friends online
  4. Online games to play with friends without downloading it
  5. Online games to play with friends via Zoom

Online games to play with friends for free

Here we show you some examples of free online games you can play with friends. But take a good look, because throughout the rest of the article there will be many more that are also free.


One of the classics. The only thing missing from this trivia is the board, but so what? When you enter these trivial sites, you choose a room, either public or private, to meet your friends. You can also choose the category and number of questions , depending on whether you want a longer or shorter game, to make it more dynamic. Once of our favorite trivial apps is QuizUp.


This is another game that never goes out of fashion: the art of conquering territories with your troops. Not only is it a game suitable to play with friends, but also, the more of you, the better. On Steam you can download it for free in its basic version. For boards and extra options, you have to pay.


If you're a Catan board game lover, then why not continue to enjoy this game online with friends? This game is a strategy game that consists of advancing by building towns and roads, negotiating for raw materials with other players. In Catan Universe you will find the basic version for two players for free.


Another classic! This game consists of guessing what one of the players is drawing. It is not necessary to be an artist to play this game, in fact, perhaps it is more fun if we're not good at drawing at all. In addition, it is always a way to exercise creativity. You can play it through


This game is perfect for those who like epic adventures! And for those who don't, have you tried it? In the end, if you've heard this game's name so much lately, it must be for something. Fortnite is a Battle Royale game in which server players must compete to be the last survivors of the game. It's free, and while it offers in-game purchases, it can easily be enjoyed for free. Here you can register to play for free.

How to Play Online Games With Friends - Online games to play with friends for free

Online games to play with friends on PC

If you prefer to play on the computer, since the posture and the size of the screen makes it more comfortable, here are some games that are available to play with friends on PC:


If you liked Game of Thrones, you have to play Runescape. It's a constant adventure across different kingdoms, and best of all, it's massively multiplayer. You can find it on its website. And, you know what's the cherry on top? It's free!

Drawful 2

If you like Pictionary, you'll probably love Drawful 2, because here the drawing challenges are more abstract concepts, sometimes even surreal. Creative challenges and laughter is guaranteed. You will discover to what extent you are able to understand each other when you are with friends and you will also be able to propose more crazy ideas than those that the game already proposes.


If what you like is horror and psychological thriller , this game is for you. In Phasmophobia each of you will become an investigator of paranormal events and will enter a house that you will go through from a subjective camera. This is a realistic experience, not suitable for sensitive minds.


More than a hundred heads to choose from to shoot with kicks. As you hear it. You will recognize many of them, as they belong to popular culture. Sounds fun right? Yes, and also surreal. Pick three friends and get ready to have a good laugh at Headsnatchers.


Now, we present you a gaming platform. But Roblox isn't just any gaming platform, since it contains replicas of popular games in virtual version, making it a fun way of hanging out with your friends online.


Surely you know the most appreciated card game of the last decades. Although simple, this game is impossible to forget. This version of UNO allows you to modify the games with your own rules, so you can give each game an unexpected twist and make the game more difficult.


Here we present Monopoly Plus, one of the many versions of the Monopoly of a lifetime, but in 3D and with the possibility of changing the rules. Make your way around the board buying properties, but in a more surprising and interesting version.

Duck Game

This game has been one of the most recurrent games during lockdown. You and your friends will be four ducks facing each other in a 2D scenario. Duck Game is not violent at all, but rather comical and retro, making it the perfect family game or game for all ages.


Another contemporary classic which, if you haven't played yet you're missing out on, is Minecraft. On the Minecraft website you can find all the purchase links, as it is available for PC, iOS, Android and all consoles. Dare yourself with a creative game, of open worlds and infinite spaces that you will have to build by yourself.

How to Play Online Games With Friends - Online games to play with friends on PC

Apps to play with friends online

The best way to connect with your friends despite the distance is through your phone. And, although not everyone has a computer, your friends most likely do have a phone they can connect with and play on. If what you are looking for is a game with the usability provided by this format, the following are our favourite apps to play with friends online:

Sink the float

Face your opponent advancing with your ships . This is a classic of classics with an updated version. Search for Sea Battle 2 on the PlayStore and download it.


A mixture of chance and tactics that has become enormously popular in the gaming world, especially in recent years. Rummikub allows you to play in 10 languages, with many players, and create a private session to play with your friends.


If you're a fan of Monopoly, you can also play Monopoly in its mobile version. In addition, the day that your friends do not have the same desire to play as you, you can also play solo games.

Just dance now

This is a great opportunity to dance with your friends without being seen. Who knows, maybe at the next party you dare to let go and dance like no one's watching. Your phone will be in charge of detecting if you are marking the steps of the choreography well. Exercise, fun and laughter, sounds like the best combination to spend confinement! Download it here.

Among us

This game has gone viral during the pandemic. If you did not know about this game before, we're sure you've heard of it by now. Among Us consists of boarding a ship with a team of crew members, but with the twist that, among them, there is an impostor. The impostor can be you or one of the other players; the purpose is to kill the rest of the crew without being discovered, or to discover who the impostor is before they finish you off.


Yes, UNO also exists in mobile application and, in addition, this version is free. This game never goes out of style!


Bingo is another traditional game, essential for any family gatherings. This game is available on a mobile application and is called Bingo at home, but there are also plenty of other versions.

How to Play Online Games With Friends - Apps to play with friends online

Online games to play with friends without downloading it

Sometimes what we prefer is to just play for a while, maybe we don't know the game yet and want to try it out first, or we just don't feel like waiting for it to download. In these cases, it is best to choose one of these online games to play without any downloads:


Quickly, whether you are 2 or 20 friends, you can enter and start an online soccer game.


Not everyone knows how to play chess, but perhaps the time has come to learn how to play this classic strategy game. Once you learn the rules, everything will be going up and becoming a better player every time. You have this website that is quite simple, but we recommend Lichess, not only because you can find and invite your friends, but it is a very well-rounded website where you can even start from scratch to study the game, with theory and exercises. In addition, you will be able to get in touch with a community.

Curve Fever

Do you remember the Nokia Snake? Sure! Well, this is similar but with the possibility of playing against up to 6 players. The objective is to move through the space so that the rest collide with your path. You just have to enter the Curve Fever website, enter a nickname and start playing.


Based on the board game of the same name, the Dominiom website presents the possibility not only to play with both your friends and online users, but also to learn through its tutorials and tips.

To play with your friends, you just have to enter and select the option “Party Mode Create”, although basically it is a massive game in which you can face the anonymous users that you will find in the room. You will be a ball whose objective is to eat and avoid being eaten, while you grow until you are the last one left alive.

Zombs royale

In you will find a multiplayer battle game, inspired by Fortnite, but which already has its own fanbase.

Duo w/ Friends

On the Duo w Friends website you will find this game where you can find your friends through their nickname or invite them, and also connect with other players.


Surely you know it by the name of “Still pencil”, that game in which you will compete with the rest of the players writing lists of things by categories from an initial letter. There is no set time: the first to finish presses the stop button and everyone must release the pencil. You just have to enter this site and register.

How to Play Online Games With Friends - Online games to play with friends without downloading it

Online games to play with friends via Zoom

Lastly, we bring you options for the video call program Zoom. Beyond business meetings and online classes, Zoom has become a great way to keep in touch with friends. So, without further ado, here are some online games to play with your friends via Zoom:


This game is about lying and making others believe that what you just invented exists or truly existed in the past. It is a multiplayer mobile application, but everyone needs to be present in the room to listen to each other. Therefore, it is ideal for playing on Zoom.

Story Cubes

Story Cubes is a dice game that contains pictures instead of numbers or letters. It can be found online and is called Story Dice. The role that this activity will play will simply be to boost your imagination and creativity to invent stories based on the drawings that chance puts on the table. The best thing is that, beyond being a game, it can be an ideal tool if you want to exercise your own creativity when alone.

Traditional role

Similar to the previous one but, in a way, more advanced, since it assumes that each player adopts a role through which they interact with the others, while all of you create a story. There are special dice for role-playing games, which require a lot of detail in terms of data. On this website you have the perfect tool.

You can also check out the video below to see the top 10 online games to play during this lockdown.

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