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How to Cancel a Spicejet Ticket Online

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How to Cancel a Spicejet Ticket Online

Sometimes certain circumstances occur which cause us to either delay or cancel a planned trip when we have already booked flights. At such times we need to cancel these tickets whilst avoiding paying unnecessary fees and cancellation charges.

When trying to cancel an Airline ticket then we are sometimes confused as different airlines have different policies of cancellation and refund. Spicejet is one airline company which has a quick and easy cancellation policy.

In this article we will explain how to cancel a Spicejet ticket online step by step.

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What is the Spicejet Cancellation Policy

In the case of a Spicejet domestic flight, to get a refund of your ticket you must cancel the ticket at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. If you fail to do so then all your money will be forfeited and you will not be liable for any refund.

In the case of a Spicejet international flight, you must cancel the ticket at least 4 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. This will allow you to claim a refund. If you cancel the ticket less than 4 hours prior to the scheduled departure of flight then you won’t be issued any refund.

You can cancel your Spicejet ticket online through the website SpiceJet Changes section.

Spicejet Cancellation Charges Explained

The cancellation charge of a Spicejet domestic flight is Rs 1,800 and the cancellation charge for a Spicejet international flight is Rs 2,250.

If you cancel the ticket 2 to 48 hours before departure then you have to pay Rs 2,250. If you cancel 2 to 7 days prior to the scheduled date of the flight then you have to pay Rs 2,000. If you cancel 7 to 30 days prior then you have to pay Rs 1,500. Those who cancel their ticket 30 days or before the scheduled date of flight are charged Rs 1,250 as cancellation charge.

You need to be aware that according to Spicejet's cancellation policy, all of their fees for cancelling flights can change without notice so always check at the time of booking.

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Other Flight Ticket Cancellation Issues

A Spicejet ticket booked under student discount is subject to a non–cancellation policy. Without the valid permission of Spicejet no change in name is permitted for a Spicejet cancellation.

According to the cancellation policy of Spicejet, some fares may change according to the policy. If you want to protect yourself from unexpected changes in charges then you can book two individual PNRs for each sector. Doing this will disqualify you from enjoying the benefits or indeed facing restrictions of the return fare.

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Geetha MolMS
I have to cancel my Spice Jet ticket (GHY-BLR dtd 04-3-2017) booked on 23-1-2017. How can I get refund and how much ?
OneHowTo Editor
To cancel your ticket and learn about Spicejet's cancelation policies to know if you are entitled to compensation, follow the steps mentioned in the article above.
Hope this helps
lekha narayanan
I have cancelled a ticket booked for 14.12.2016 (Mumbai- Cochin). How can I get refund?
OneHowTo Editor
Dear Lekha,
Usually, airlines don't give refunds for cancelled tickets. To be sure, take a look at the Spicejet policies on their official website and read their terms and conditions section to know if you can request a refund.
Hope this helps
cancel request
I have to cancel my ticket now
Aruna Gnanadason
I was unable to cancel a ticket.
i want to cancel my flight ticket and i just want some information my ticket has option for refundable process
I want to cancel by e tickets booked for Bangalore on 24th Dec-16. Pls help me with that
It is very difficult to cancel the ticket of spice jet
Gopal Karanam
We have booked four passengers in one ticket I would like to cancell one passenger ticket. kindly elaborate the proceedure.
OneHowTo Editor
Please follow the instructions give in order to cancel your spicejet ticket.

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How to Cancel a Spicejet Ticket Online
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How to Cancel a Spicejet Ticket Online