How to Play Pokémon Go without Moving

By Max. D Gray. Updated: September 11, 2019
How to Play Pokémon Go without Moving

Though the name of the game is Pokémon Go, and highlight the "Go", many people simply prefer to capture their favorite Pokémon from the comfort of their sofa, may it be due to the summer heat, lack of time or total laziness.

In this OneHowTo article we're going to tell you about the different alternatives that you have in order to be part of this community without even treading the street. Take a look at how to play Pokémon Go without moving.

Steps to follow:

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game, its interface appears as a virtual map mixed with real life elements, which means it requires constant moving to get to Pokéstops, gyms to train your Pokémon and battle them.

There are some apps that allow false locations to be created for people with reduced mobility or those who have problems moving around.

To gat one, if you have an Android device, you only need to go to the Play Store and search for "fake location". Once you have downloaded the app, your character will appear in the place where you have previously set it up to be.

But be careful! Many people who are using these apps with different means, this is why Niantic takes a close eye on these people, and you may be locked out of Pokémon Go if you use them incorrectly.

For more, read how to know if you have been locked out of Pokemon Go.

How to Play Pokémon Go without Moving - Step 1

A legal way to play Pokémon Go without moving is the option which the actual app offers with incense.

Incense is a Pokémon Go tool that, once in use, attracts these amazing creatures to you for 30 minutes. Generally, you'll get around 5 Pokémon for each incense use. To use it you simply have to open the items button and click on one to use it.

The best way to optimize each incense unit is to use it at a Pokéstop, therefore you will always be able to refill your Pokéballs. For more tips and tricks, take a look at our article on the best Pokémon Go tips and tricks.

How to Play Pokémon Go without Moving - Step 2

The trick we explain next is not really without moving, but can be a good option for those who prefer to walk the least.

You only have to install Pokémon Go on the device you have on yourself for the most time, which is usually your smartphone but could also be your Tablet or your PC, did you know you can do this?. In any case, if you do this, you'll only have to open your app every time you move. As you have it on you most of the time, you'll take the most out of the miles you walk.

This is not exactly playing without moving, but it's about taking advantage of every single movement you do during the day.

How to Play Pokémon Go without Moving - Step 3

Pokémon fever has reached unsuspected levels of popularity, this is why people's intellect has reached a level where they try to find ways to cheat the game, may it be using remote control cars, putting their smartphones on a Rhoomba or even putting them on Drones so they don't have to walk the distance!

For more, you may be interested in reading how does Pokemon Go work - a complete guide.

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How to Play Pokémon Go without Moving
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How to Play Pokémon Go without Moving

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