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How to Do Well in the Fantasy Premier League

By Sara . Updated: January 26, 2017
How to Do Well in the Fantasy Premier League
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Fantasy Premier League is one of the most popular fantasy football games in the World with over 3 million players. In Fantasy Premier League you can play by assembling an imaginary team of real life football players.

You can play it for free plus you can win exciting prizes along with the pride of being the fantasy premier league champion. It is easy to learn how to play the fantasy premier league so keep on reading this OneHowTo guide and learn how it's done with our handy tips!

Steps to follow:


Anyone in the world can sign up to play in the fantasy premier league online. Just go to the Fantasy Premier League website https://fantasy.premierleague.com/ and create your account. To do so you'll have to fill in your Profile with all your personal details and which team you support.


Now start choosing your fantasy squad. You will need to select each member of your team and choose the information you'd like to receive about the squad.


In order to stand a chance at winning, it is crucial to pick the right balance of players in your squad. In Fantasy Premier League, more points are available for attacking play, such as goals and assists, so you should bear this in mind when picking your formation and how defensive or attacking each player is.

How to Do Well in the Fantasy Premier League - Step 3

When you have selected your squad and formation it is not time to sit back and relax. Your team will compete against other players' teams each week, winning points according to the real-life performance of each player in the squad. At the end of the season the team which scores most point wins the game.

However, some players may not participate in their team's game every week, whilst others may become injured during the course of the season. This is the reason why you need to choose and monitor your squad carefully, and make sure that any changes you wish to make have been implemented before the weekly deadline.


Since you are the manager of your team, you should pay careful attention to each players performance. If one player is not performing, then you can drop them and replace any player with another. Also you can replace a player injured during that weeks play with another healthy player.


It is known by everyone that in football there is only one winner. In Fantasy Premier league this is no different. Try to ensure that your team is strong enough so that it makes the playoffs. If you are lucky enough then you can be the last team standing and you can win the fantasy league premier. But if you are not the winner then don't worry, use your experience and try again next season with a better strategy and team players.

Take a look at how to win Fantasy Premier league for more great tips.

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How to Do Well in the Fantasy Premier League