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How to Win Fantasy Premier League

Elsie Goycoolea
By Elsie Goycoolea. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Win Fantasy Premier League

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world that brings in billions of loyal fans day after day. It is no surprise then that Fantasy Premier League, a game that enables you to create your own football team, has become a fan favorite. In Fantasy Premier League you must strategize your moves and plan your next tactics to help you advance in the competition. Taking the gold at this game is the ultimate goal, but for that you must learn the best advice for winning at Fantasy Premier League.

In this OneHowTo article we share some helpful advice on how to win Fantasy Premier League.

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  1. Spend on your best players
  2. Build a diverse team
  3. Study your opponent
  4. Pick the right goalkeeper

Spend on your best players

A very important element of the game is knowing how to balance your finances. You will have to make decisions over which player you want to add to your team and money plays a big part. Some players will be more expensive than others–usually representative of their value. For that reason, to do well in the game, spend money on the players that you think must be in your team, but don’t let money blind you. You may find out that some players are highly overpriced and others underpriced.

Build a diverse team

There are 11 players in a football team along with a few reserves. The fact that it is a big team means that they must be able to work together in order to win the match. You may be tempted to buy many strikers so that you can score your goals, but that might mean that you are sacrificing the number of defenders or midfielders on your team.

It is important to have a balanced and diverse football team. Look for players that tend to be right foot and left foot dominant. Also some tall and short players; and some who are powerful and some others who may be fast runners. The best team is initially the one that can complement and fulfill each possible need.

How to Win Fantasy Premier League - Build a diverse team

Study your opponent

As with any competition, you will have to play against different opponents. It is then imperative that you spend time studying your opponents to learn their weak spots. Perhaps you may not want to spend your money on a player that will not help you win over your next opponent no matter how good the feedback or results have been. As much as a player will seem valuable to you, there are times where you may benefit from other player skills' to get over some tough opponents.

How to Win Fantasy Premier League - Study your opponent

Pick the right goalkeeper

We tend to see football as a scoring game where the winning team is the one that scores more goals. However, as important it is to score goals, it also is to stop them. A player of the opposite team will try to score a goal and after passing by every player, the goalkeeper is the last hope for the team. It is often underestimated how much difference a goal keeper can make especially on games where goal numbers are scarce. Take your time to find your ideal goal keeper and don’t be afraid to spend your money on this valuable player.

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How to Win Fantasy Premier League