How to Save Money at Disneyland Paris

By Giorgia Fantozzi. Updated: December 29, 2022
How to Save Money at Disneyland Paris

One of the biggest dreams of any child is to go to Disneyland Paris. Being able to meet first-hand the characters that you have seen so many times on the big screen becomes a dream. It's not just for kids. Disneyland's attractions, shows and staging make it an unforgettable experience for adults too.

In order to have so much fun, traveling and getting to know this theme park for a few days can be a huge expense for many families. Luckily, there are many tricks to make this visit a little more affordable. That is why this oneHOWTO article provides 13 tips in how to save on Disneyland tickets and whenis the best time to go to Disneyland Paris.

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When is the best time to go to Disneyland?

Everyone tends to choose the same days and months to go on vacation. Major attractions like Disneyland have very crowded peak seasons with a very high demand for tickets. One of the best wats to save some money when going to Disneyland Paris occurs before you even step foot in the part. Going out of season in the spring or autumn months can mean you get tickets at a reduced rate, especially if there are offers available.

Opt for hotels associated with the park

Disneyland Paris is a theme park and has its own hotels where you can live the full experience. If you want to opt for something a little cheaper and more practical, you can always go for an associated hotel. They are very well connected and for a price that is often half of what you would spend inside the venue.

How to Save Money at Disneyland Paris - Opt for hotels associated with the park

Annual pack for more than 4 days

Tickets to Disneyland Paris are not exactly cheap. Every time you enter, and especially if you go with your family, you have to have a good strategy. A great option for those spending an extended amount of time is to buy an annual pass. This is a great option if you spend more than 4 days visiting the park or if you want to go several times a year. You will be able to save money and you will have unlimited access.

Bring your own costumes

Who doesn't want to go to Disneyland dressed as their favorite character? This is one of the great objectives of the visit but, sometimes, buy a costume there can be expensive. Instead, we recommend to buy your costume online before you go to save good money and wear the outfit from home.

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How to Save Money at Disneyland Paris - Bring your own costumes

Take advantage of out-of-season sales

It is clear that you cannot leave Disneyland without buying some little souvenir, especially if you have persistent kids. However, if you go to the official stores of the park, it can be much more expensive. A good plan is to take advantage of the outlet store that sells products from previous seasons for up to half price.

The Primark is your best ally

One train stop from Disneyland Paris is a huge shopping center that has a very special Primark store. There you will find all kinds of products and clothing personalized with Disney characters at a very affordable price.

Bring your own autograph book

If you want to go home with the autographs of your favorite characters, they sell special notebooks for this, but they cost between €15 and €20. Instead, it is much better to take a beautiful notebook from home and have the same experience. Get some of your favorite Disney Princesses' names to cherish forever,

How to Save Money at Disneyland Paris - Bring your own autograph book

Organize meals and snacks

Tickets to Disneyland Paris often come with food deals and vouchers for the days you are going to be there. But we recommend to take your own snacks and meals to be able to last several hours in the park and then go eat near your hotel.

Souvenirs and gifts for the last day

When you visit Disneyland Paris, it is almost mandatory to buy a gift to remember such a special experience. The park is made so that everything attracts your attention. That is why the recommendation is to buy the gifts on the last day, so as not to spend the entire budget as soon as you arrive.

Bring your own bottle of water

At Disneyland Paris you will find all kinds of sodas, shakes and fantasy drinks that will make your mouth water. However, its high price makes you think twice. Instead, always carry a plastic bottle with you from home to fill it at all water fountains and stay hydrated throughout the day. Any drinks on top can be your treat, but the bill will stack up if you keep paying for bottled water.

Buy tickets online

The park has several ticket offices at its main entrance with which to buy access tickets on the go. But if you do it in advance you can save a few euros. It is advisable to be able to anticipate and buy them online.

Babies enter for free

Adults can enjoy a visit to Disneyland Paris as much, if not more, than kids, but it is an experience designed for the little ones. This fact provides certain advantages. When going to visit the park, you should know that children under 3 years old can go completely free. So if you have a family with small children, it can be cheaper than you think.

How to Save Money at Disneyland Paris - Babies enter for free

Save on transport

Finally, the park at has all kinds of amenities for your visit, such as transportation to Disneyland Paris. This has a fixed price of around €22 per person. Instead, you can always choose to go by your own, costing an average of €4 for the train. Definitely a big difference.

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How to Save Money at Disneyland Paris
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