How to Claim Spicejet Miles

Priya Panwar
By Priya Panwar. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Claim Spicejet Miles

Spicejet's miles claiming is different from other airlines' frequent flyers programmes. Spicejet has recently lunched a frequent flyer scheme called SpiceCash. To join the programme, you need to register your details through Spicejet website and top up a virtual account with a valid Indian credit card. The money you top up will be transformed into points, with which you will be able to buy Spicejet tickets at a cheaper price.

So, if you are wondering how to claim spicejet miles, you should know that with Spicejet it is more appropriate to talk about Spicejet reward points, because there is no process of accumulating and claiming miles with Spicejet. However, Spicejet programmes such as SpiceCash or SpiceCard can be even more convenient than a miles accumulation programme, if you know how to make the most of the programme. So, today at oneHOWTO we will teach you how to claim Spicejet miles, or better, Spicejet reward points.

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Steps to follow:


How to claim Spicejet miles: register

First of all, in order to claim Spicejet miles, which means use Spicejet reward points, you should visit the SpiceCash page on Spicejet website. You can only register once. Click on register now and enter all your details very carefully, because you won't be able to change them. You need to have a valid Indian credit card and a Permanent Account Number in order to register.


How to claim Spicejet miles: get reward points

As soon as you register, you will get 1000 SpiceCash points on your virtual wallet. 1 SpiceCash point equals 1 Rupee. You can use those points to book tickets on Spicejet website until 15 April 2017. 250 SpiceCash bonus points/miles can be used for one way air tickets, while 500 points/miles can be used for round tickets.


How to claim Spicejet miles: make the most of your miles

After you receive the bonus miles, you can top up your SpiceCash account by logging into the Spicejet website and making a payment with credit card, debit card or NetBanking. You can top up a maximum of 35000 INR for each top up and the total amount of cash in your account cannot exceed 89,000 INR. 1 Rupee equals 1 SpiceCash.

How to claim Spicejet miles? You earn miles or free points: for every 100 INR you put in your Spicejet frequent flyer account, you will get 100 SpiceCash points plus you will automatically receive 2 bonus SpiceCash points immediately. You can spend your SpiceCash for travelling on Spicejet until 15 April 2017.

Plus, you will receive 2 Spice Loyalty Points for every INR 100 spent for flights on SpiceJet website. Loyalty points, contrary to SpiceCash points (which are automatically accredited upon topping up) must be redeemed after travel through Spicejet website.

How to Claim Spicejet Miles - Step 3

How to claim Spicejet miles: changes and cancellations

In case you cancel or change date for a Spicejet ticket, or you want to change name, deductions for such change will be made on both SpiceCash points or Loyalty points, and on your credit/debit card or NetBanking.


How to claim Spicejet miles: additional information

  • You should login in on website and mention your SpiceCash ID at the moment of reservation in order to claim miles / points
  • Changes of login details are not permitted
  • SpiceCash points are non refundable, which means you need to use them before 15 April 2017, or you will loose them
  • The loyalty programme is only valid for booking through Spicejet website
  • SpiceCash points are non transferable

This is, all in all, a good deal for Spicejet frequent flyers. Now that you know all the rules and regulations on how to claim Spicejet miles, you can start enjoying Spicejet reward points!

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Ajay anand
How do i want to cancel my tickets
Request for cancel ticket
I had the Spicejet Frequent Flyer membership and since there was a change in residential address and email id could nit tract the same. how can i get those details.
N Ramakrishnan
I am not clear as how to claim Spicecash points(I have 5500 Points) to book my ticket from Chennai to Delhi Return journey
Deepak Gupta
I have registered with spice cash today. How do I add points to the account of my previous travels with spice jet ?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Deepak,

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, as far as we can tell, you won't be able to get retroactive points from before you have registered. It would be very uncommon for any customer loyalty program to apply these points for purchases made before registering. Sorry if this is disappointing, but we hope the information is helpful.
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How to Claim Spicejet Miles