What cosmetics can I take on a plane

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
What cosmetics can I take on a plane

When I get on the plane, can I take my moisturizer in my hand luggage? And my body wash? And what can I take in the suitcase? These are some of the most frequent questions people ask when preparing their luggage for air travel. The guidelines set by the European Union on security measures for the transportation of liquids by plane has caused much confusion and many questions about what can and cannot be brought in an overnight bag. To help you solve these questions, in this OneHowTo article we show you what cosmetics you can carry on the plane.

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Steps to follow:


According to regulations, we can bring any liquids and cosmetics we want in the checked-in baggage that travels in the hold of the plane, as long as they fall within legal requirements.


The problem lies with hand luggage, i.e. the things we can actually take with us into the cabin. For this kind of luggage, there are some limits to which liquids we can bring, which cannot be exceeded under any circumstances. With both checked baggage and hand luggage, be especially careful that you don't take flammable products. To find out if something is flammable or not, you should look on the back of the product and make sure there are no labels indicating that it is flammable.


The regulations stipulate that you can only bring liquid products and cosmetics in containers of 100ml or less on the plane. Special care must be taken with this, as the volume refers not only to the contents but to the container itself. This means that we cannot carry a container of 120ml even if it is part empty and only contains 60ml of liquid. The container must have a maximum capacity of 100ml.


Some cosmetic products are already manufactured with packaging that follows this law, but others are not. For products that don't comply, you can get special empty containers to take onto the plane in your hand luggage. Different containers should be taken inside a transparent plastic bag or overnight bag that closes with a zip and measures about 20x20 cm. Each passenger may carry a maximum of 1 litre in total, which includes every container that has liquid inside.

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To reduce your number of liquid cosmetic products, you can try replacing them with alternatives. So, instead of taking toner, cleansing gel and liquid makeup remover, for example, you could use a single container of micellar water or a pack of cleansing wipes. Moisturizer samples are a perfect choice for short trips. As for cologne and perfume, many already comply with restrictions or come in even smaller containers, as is the case with 30ml bottles.


For people with contact lenses, the liquid cannot be poured into a different container because it has to be fully sterilised. In this case it is therefore advisable to buy special contact lens solution for travelling. It is important to remember that medicines and baby food are excluded from security measures on the transportation of liquids.


In the case of makeup products, the security policy is the same, containers must not exceed 100ml. Luckily, most foundations, concealers, lip-glosses, etc., do not exceed 50ml. However, you shouldn't rule out the option of taking makeup samples if you're only making a short trip. By doing this you save volume which can be used for other products.


The regulations indicate that any bags with containers inside must be taken out of hand luggage and presented at security control at the airport. Remember that sharp objects such as scissors or tweezers are strictly prohibited. Now that you know which cosmetics you can take on the plane, you can pack your overnight bag without a fuss!

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What cosmetics can I take on a plane