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Top Souvenirs To Bring Back From India

By Sara . Updated: March 22, 2022
Top Souvenirs To Bring Back From India

India had always been known for its diversity. Religion, food, dresses and many other aspects; you will find the difference while travelling from one region of India to another. In a land of such diversities when tourists visit they become confused as to what they should buy and what not. There are loads of souvenirs to bring back from India.

Shopping in India can be done in bazaars/ markets, malls, emporiums and even from street vendors. In the markets you will find varieties of textiles, jewelery, art pieces, handicrafts, spices, perfumes and other light weight items which you can easily carry back with you. To make things easy for you once you visit India; here is a list of the top Souvenirs to bring back from India.

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  1. Textile
  2. Jewellery
  3. Shoes
  4. Spices, Perfume and Incense
  5. Tea
  6. Arts and Crafts
  7. Sweets and snacks
  8. Other interesting facts


India is famous for its large variety of textiles. The textiles of one region vary from the other in the quality and design. For women there is a range of Sarees from which you can choose your favorite. Some of the most famous sarees are Kota Sarees, Mysore Silk Sarees and Kanjivaram Sarees. Salwaar Kameez is also a good option to bear the heat of Indian summer. For Men you can buy Kurtas, which are long tunic style shirt. It is found in every part of India, even though the material and design may vary a bit.

Among the textiles, India is also famous for its Shawl. Two best quality shawls are: Pashmina Shawls and Naga Shawls.

Pashmina Shawls

These shawls are made from wool obtained from the pashmina goats of the Himalayan region. They are beautiful and soft as feather. They can be one of the best gifts for your friends and relatives. While buying a Pashmina shawl make sure to buy from a reputed dealer. To know wether the pashmina is real of not, try passing it through the hole of a ring. If it passes easily, then its real Pashmina.

Naga Shawls

Naga shawls an be bought from the state of Nagaland. Each tribe in Nagaland has their own unique shawl pattern. The shawls may consist of figures of an elephant, tiger, cock, human head, dao or spear.

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Top Souvenirs To Bring Back From India - Textile


One thing that defines Indian jewelry is bling. The more bling it has, the better it is. Indian jewellery consists of bangles, bracelets, necklaces, nose rings, toe rings, anklets (known as payal), rings and various other items to cover you from head to toe. These jewelry items consist of very intricate designs with precious stones set in them. They can be of gold, silver, platinum and other metals with precious stones set in them. The designs for jewelry which are most famous in India are Meenakari and Kundan. Jewelry items made of gold are always the classical choice for Indian people.

Top Souvenirs To Bring Back From India - Jewellery


If you want to try shoes worn by the Indian princes and princesses during the bygone eras, then try the leather Jutties which are embroidered with beads and crystals. Among these, the most famous is Jodhpuri Mojri which consists of exceptionally intricate designs, covered with embroidery. Apart from jutis you can also find a variety of shoes and sandals for every occasion. These make incredible souvenirs to take back from India as they are also very useful for daily life too!

Top Souvenirs To Bring Back From India - Shoes

Spices, Perfume and Incense

If you want to lose yourself in the vivid scents of spices, try the spice market of Old Delhi. Similar type of spice markets are situated all over India. Try garam masala which is usually added to curries or panchforon, which is a mixture of 5 spices and is extensively used by people of West Bengal. If you want the best secrets to get the best spices in the country, we advise you to take a look at our article on where to buy spices in India.

For natural perfume as a souvenir, try the local product known as Attar which is quite strong in smell. It can be bought in tiny, ornate crystal decanters. You can also buy a variety of incense sticks which are traditionally used for prayers and poojas.

Top Souvenirs To Bring Back From India - Spices, Perfume and Incense


Want to buy the best quality tea? Then try the Darjeeling Tea which is also known as the ‘champagne of teas’. Other varieties of tea obtained from Assam, Munnar and Nilgiri hills are also famous for their unique taste.

Top Souvenirs To Bring Back From India - Tea

Arts and Crafts

India has many arts and crafts items as each region of India has their own unique style that are perfectly suited as souvenirs. Try buying varieties of pottery, rugs and other decorative items. Some of the best art and craft items are:

  • Khurja Artifacts which consists of unique designs of pottery, ash tray, ceramic items etc.
  • Bankura Horse, which is made from terracotta in the Bankura district of West Bengal.
  • Dancing Dolls, which are a unique decorative item that the city of Thanjavur offers.
  • Sandal Artifacts, which are found in Karnataka and is intricately carved out of sandalwood.
Top Souvenirs To Bring Back From India - Arts and Crafts

Sweets and snacks

India is a place of culinary delight. Try the vivid varieties of cuisine from all the regions of India. For souvenirs don’t forget to take back some packets of fried banana chips from the southern states of India. They are crispy and fried in coconut oil. Both ripe and unripe bananas are used to make these chips. They can be savory and coated with spices or sweet when coated with jaggery.

Also you can take back one of the best sweet of the country known as Mathura Peda. It is made when pure milk is boiled for long hours till all water evaporates and the remaining khoya is made into bite size dumpling like sweet. It is semi-soft and melts in the mouth.

Chakli or Chakali are another snack that is worth taking home, even if it is served as a fast food snack, and is typical during Diwali festivities in Gujarat and Maharashtra.

If you happen to be around the Uttar Pradesh state, we advise you to bring back some delicious Old Monk rum. It is one of the oldest and tastiest rums you'll find and a great addition if you're a fan of spirits.

Top Souvenirs To Bring Back From India - Sweets and snacks

Other interesting facts

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Top Souvenirs To Bring Back From India