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How To Dress Conservatively While Visiting India

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: March 23, 2022
How To Dress Conservatively While Visiting India

India is a conservative country, and if you are visiting India, it is important to cover up. While you will see Indian women wearing western clothes almost everywhere, showing your upper arms, legs and cleavage is often frowned upon. It is also important to wear loose clothes. It will not only prevent any unwanted attention from the local men, but it is comfortable to be worn in tropical heat too. Here at, we will give you some tips on how to dress conservatively while visiting India.

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  1. Do not wear revealing clothes
  2. At the beach
  3. Dress like Indians
  4. Wear modestly

Do not wear revealing clothes

In larger cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, and tourist prone areas like Goa, Agra and Kerala, it is fine to wear western clothes with bare shoulders and knees. But your clothing should not reveal anything more than that at any place. Wherever you are, you are going to receive a lot of attention in short shorts and spaghetti tops.

How To Dress Conservatively While Visiting India - Do not wear revealing clothes

At the beach

If you are visiting an Indian beach like those at Goa or Mumbai, wearing a bathing suit is obviously fine, but a one-piece is better, instead of two-piece sets. When you are sunbathing, you may see many Indian men peeping at you from behind the palm trees. So, when you lie down on the beach or talk to locals, try to cover yourself with a scarf, or wear a cotton shirt.

Dress like Indians

While visiting India, you don’t have to worry about being ultra-fashionable. The only way you can fit in with Indian fashion is wearing a salwar kameez or saree. The salwar kameez is a pair of a long top and baggy pants, which is cool and comfortable to wear. Saree is a long fabric beautifully draped around your body on a petticoat and a blouse. Both these dresses fit perfectly with the Indian modesty standards. You may either buy them readymade, or purchase fabric and get it tailored in a boutique. Indian women often wear bindi on their forehead, some Western visitors like to experiment with that. Foreign women wearing Indian clothes are warmly welcomed by Indian locales, as it shows your effort to blend into their culture. If you are invited to a wedding, read our tips on outfits for male guests.

How To Dress Conservatively While Visiting India - Dress like Indians

Wear modestly

The basic standard is to keep your shoulders, knees, midriff and cleavage covered at all times. Short skirts and shorts are not acceptable. If you want to wear one, make sure that it is at least knee length. Your underwear should be worn discreetly, and it should not show. Wearing bra is a must, unless you are 8 years old or younger and have a flat chest. Go for tunic-style, loose tops that cover your buttocks and crotch. Don’t tuck your blouse into your slacks or jeans, but keep it hanging out.

How To Dress Conservatively While Visiting India - Wear modestly

While visiting India, it is better to dress conservatively and be respectful towards their local customs. Wearing modest clothes, especially Indian clothes, will automatically bring you more courtesy and respect in the country. Another thing to keep in mind while traveling to India is to respect the basic etiquette of the country.

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How To Dress Conservatively While Visiting India