How to Change a Name in Spicejet Booking

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Change a Name in Spicejet Booking

SpiceJet is one of the cheapest airlines in India, allowing middle class people to take advantage of air travel. A large number of SpiceJet flights ply to and from different parts of the country, carrying passengers from one place to the other. But sometimes, passengers need to change their name in their booking, may be due to different reasons. We have already told you How to Cancel a Spicejet Ticket Online and how to claim SpiceJet miles. This article will talk about how to change name in Spicejet booking.

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If there is a spelling mistake

If you have made a SpiceJet booking and you see a spelling mistake in your name, then you would probably face no issue while boarding the flight. Spelling mistakes can and do happen, and they should not come in the way of your convenient flight, as far as you are traveling within India and you are carrying a valid ID proof. But if you are traveling outside India, you would need to correct your name spelling. For this, you can call the customer care number of SpiceJet, and request a change. SpiceJet is known for good customer service as well, and your issue will be resolved within no time. Their toll free number is 1800 180 3333.

If a wrong name has been written

Sometimes, airlines including SpiceJet end up writing wrong names in your booking. It may be yours, your agent’s or the airline’s mistake, but it is ultimately you who will have to suffer during check-in. If you notice a wrong name or surname in your ticket, take steps to correct it immediately. SpiceJet makes your job convenient by making a remark against your PNR. The staff at the check-in counter will come to know about the mistake, and they will let you in without any problem. To get such remark, you would be asked to fill out an online form or send a request email to the airline, and your request will be processed within 48 hours.

How to Change a Name in Spicejet Booking - If a wrong name has been written

Transferring the name of the passenger

Transferring the booking to another passenger’s name is strictly prohibited by SpiceJet. This is because someone may buy the ticket at low price, and then sell it to someone else to make profit. If you want to transfer the booking to another passenger’s name, you are required to tell this to the airline at least 2 hours before the time of the flight departure. In that case, your booking will be cancelled and you will have to make a new booking, only if available. You will be required to pay a fee of INR 2250 per booking to do this. Any fare differences will also be charged accordingly. You can make the changes online through the SpiceJet website, or at the sales center or reservations counter of the airline at the airport. If you do not inform the change before 2 hours and if you do not show up for the flight, your ticket will be cancelled and all your money will be forfeited.

The exception

SpiceJet allows you to cancel or reschedule the flight if it is cancelled or more than 90 minutes late. It is one of the only few airlines that allow passengers to find alternatives online. All charges will be revoked for such a flight, and the customer will get full refund. To make such changes, you can visit the SpiceJet official website, click on the ‘Changes/Refund’ button, provide the needed information to make the changes, and receive the revised itinerary. If you have asked for a full refund, you will get it in your bank account within one week.

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Avinash Narwariya
Hi good morning
A day before yesterday i booked 3 tickets from VNS to HYD i did some name mistake please can you help to me this issue
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Akshay
You will need to contact Spicejet directly in order to change any booking details.
I have selected by mistake wrong names in my mmt app. I need to update names.
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samarjit hojai
how to correct the name of the passenger for the incorrect spelling of the word in the ticket
The name "prajanya" has been typed as "prajnya" with a letter missing. Can he successfully board the domestic flight without any issues?
Naveen Mallipeddi
Dear Spicejet,

I booked Flight ticket for 3 persons, one person name has wrong, his actual name is Nagaraju Valmiki and in the ticket is Macadamia valmiki, i need change this name. PNR number is GBULYQ.


Naveen M.
OneHowTo Editor
Please contact spicejet as mentioned in this article to do so.
jebunnisha kaiyumkhan pathan
kindly by mistake i book in the on line mr.jebunnisha, actually mrs. jebunnisha kaiyumkhan pathan have.please i need to correction in my booking ticket
OneHowTo Editor
Please follow the instructions mentioned on our article in order to do so.
Hope this helps
shivaraj tn
my name is shivaraj tn but I enter a name shivaraj tn gowda it s any problem in the time of check in and how to currency that
I want to include my surname in my ticket..can u explain me how?
OneHowTo Editor
You should contact Spicejet as it mentions in the article.
Hope this helps

How to Change a Name in Spicejet Booking
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How to Change a Name in Spicejet Booking

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