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How to Go to Kalanggaman Island From Tacloban

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. June 12, 2017
How to Go to Kalanggaman Island From Tacloban

Kalanggaman Island is one of the most beautiful and picturesque islands in the Philippines. Both of its ends are lined with blue waters, white sands and splendid sandbars. One of the most popular destinations among tourists in Philippines, it is situated in Palompon, Leyte, and at an hour long boat ride from the Palompon town. The best way to travel to the destination is to take a light to the Cebu Airport which is the nearest airport to Kalanggaman Island. But if there is no direct flight to the Cebu Airport from your place, then you can take a flight to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Pasay, Metro Manila, and connect it to the Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport, Tacloban City, Leyte. Once you reach Tacloban, you will want to know how to go to Kalanggaman Island from Tacloban. This is where this oneHOWTO article will help you out.

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  1. Reaching Palompon town from Tacloban Airport
  2. Reaching Kalanggaman Island from Palompon town
  3. Entrance fees for Kalanggaman Island
  4. Know before you go

Reaching Palompon town from Tacloban Airport

Before you head towards Kalanggaman Island, you will have to reach Palompon town from Tacloban Airport. The only way to reach there is by road, so here are your best options:

By van

Tacloban Airport is at a distance of 3 hours drive from Palompon town. You can take a van that runs between Tacloban and Palompon. The vans take a fare of P150 per person. You can find these vans waiting for you at the Tacloban New Bus Terminal, Brgy, Abucay.

By bus

Buses also transit between Tacloban Airport and Palompon town at regular intervals of time during the day. You can take one of these buses and reach Palompon town in 3 hours, which is a cheaper option.

By private car

If you can arrange a private car at the Tacloban Airport, you can drive up to Palompon town on your own.

Reaching Kalanggaman Island from Palompon town

Once you reach Palompon town from Tacloban Airport, you will need to visit the Palompon Ecotours Office and hire a pump boat to schedule your trip to the Kalanggaman Island. The office is situated near the Municipal Hall of the town, in front of the Liberty Park, at walking distance from the public market and the bus or van terminal of the town.

Depending on the conditions of the sea, this boat ride will take around 60-90 minutes to get to Kalanggaman island. Rather than visiting the office, you can also call their booking service desk at +639173037269 and reserve a pump boat. If you are traveling in peak season, you will have to wait for a few hours before you can ride your boat, which is why it's recommended to book in advance during summer. There are shared pump boats that you can ask for if you want to save money on the pump boat ride expenses.

How to Go to Kalanggaman Island From Tacloban - Reaching Kalanggaman Island from Palompon town

Entrance fees for Kalanggaman Island

Kalanggaman Island operates day tours and overnight stays for the tourists visiting the amazing island. There are different rates for both types of tours. The entrance fee you will have to pay also depends on the category of tourists you fall into, which include international tourists, college or high school tourists, elementary students, senior citizens etc. Depending on all these factors, the entrance fee may range from P20 for Elementary school pupils to P750, which is the fee charged for international tourists who plan to stay overnight.

Know before you go

Now you know the directions to get to Kalanggaman Island, oneHOWTO offers several tips to make the most of your visit and not have any nasty surprises:

  • The most important recommendation is to stay at the Kalanggaman Island overnight. While staying there in the night, you will get the opportunity to view the sunrise and sunset and enjoy stargazing. Both of these are mesmerizing experiences you must have once in your lifetime
  • Try to travel from Palompon town to Kalanggaman Island during early morning hours. Seas are calm during these times, and you have maximum chances of spotting some playful dolphins as well.
  • There is no water and electricity on the island, which is the main reason why you are allowed to bring your own food, drinks and equipment.
How to Go to Kalanggaman Island From Tacloban - Know before you go
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How to Go to Kalanggaman Island From Tacloban