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How to Make a Periscope out of Cardboard

How to Make a Periscope out of Cardboard

Doing crafts with your children is an excellent activity to keep them entertained at the same time that you’re improving your bonds. In this article we’ll explain in detail how to make a periscope out of cardboard step by step. A periscope is a great tool for your children to start learning the basics of physics and vision while they have a good time. Children will surely love this item, as they will be able to see things they normally don’t see because of their height. The process to make this periscope with cardboard is really easy and you won't need many materials. Tell your children to help you build the periscope or give them the instructions so they can make it themselves. They will surely enjoy it!

You'll need:
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Steps to follow:

To start measure four columns of about 10cm wide and one 2m wide on a large sheet of cardboard. Put the ruler on each line and score with scissors to outline them.


Fold the cardboard lines to form a long box and cut a window of 5 x 5cm near the bottom and one near the top on the opposite side.


Then, measure three columns of 8cm wide and one 2cm wide on the two strips of cardboard. Mark the lines and stick a mirror on each with tape. Look at the picture for references.


Fold the strips, leaving the mirrors the outside, and give them the shape of a triangle. Fold the flap of each strip also upwards and stick it to the ends of the flaps with tape.


Place a triangle on the bottom of the box, with the flap to the outside, as you see in the picture. Stick the triangle to the box with tape.


Finally put the box upside down. Place another triangle so that you can see the mirror through the window. Stick it well with tape. Close the box and stick the flap down.


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  • If your children are doing the periscope on their own, be around them when handling the mirror, in case it breaks.

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How to Make a Periscope out of Cardboard
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How to Make a Periscope out of Cardboard