What are the colours of the rainbow

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 24, 2017
What are the colours of the rainbow

Rainbows are one of the most beautiful phenomena in meteorology. They appear when the sun's rays pass through water droplets in the atmosphere, leading to the appearance of a spectrum of light, which is commonly known as a rainbow. This is formed by 7 colours which always appear in the same order. Do you know which ones they are? Learn the colours of the rainbow in this OneHowTo article.

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Steps to follow:


Red is the first colour in the rainbow and also the one most easily detected by the human eye. Although sometimes the rainbow may not be very visible, you can make out the red band in this beautiful weather phenomenon.


The second colour of the rainbow is orange, allowing us to see how little by little the colours transform from one to the next. Sometimes it's not possible to clearly see orange because red is the colour that stands out.


The colour of the rainbow after orange is yellow. This intense tone is most visible when the rainbow is pronounced, but nevertheless may go unnoticed in a rainbow of lesser intensity.


The fourth colour of the rainbow is green. It is also the first cool colour appearing in this weather formation and gives way to other equally cool tones.


In a blue sky it's not surprising that the fifth colour of the rainbow, blue, sometimes can't be perceived by the human eye. However, if the rainbow is formed in a grey sky, you can manage to see this tone clearly.


The sixth colour of the rainbow is indigo, a deeper blue that combines both the fifth colour, blue, and the last one, purple. The human eye cannot distinguish the indigo, which is why occasionally some people believe that the rainbow is composed of 6 colours instead of 7.


Last but not least, the final colour of the rainbow is violet. As you have learned, the rainbow consists of warm colours (red, orange and yellow) and cold ones (green, blue, indigo and violet), splendidly shining in the sky.

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What are the colours of the rainbow