How to Read Palm Lines - Beginners' Guide to Palmistry

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: December 4, 2017
How to Read Palm Lines - Beginners' Guide to Palmistry

Have you ever wondered what the palm of your hand says about you? Each line in your palm represents a different area of your life and tells a story or contains secrets about you as a person. Chiromancy, chirology or palmistry is the art of reading your own palm or that of others to foretell the future.

Palm reading can be fun, and it may reveal something about yourself that you never knew. The key to a successful palm reading is to read all the lines together to get a true, complete reading. Stay with us at oneHOWTO to learn how to read palm lines with this beginners' guide to palmistry.

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Most palmistry readings start with the hand that you use the most, that is, the dominant hand. From each line, you will be able to tell the future or to come to a hidden inner truth. While some palm readers consider other parts of the hand, such as the details of the skin, the shape of the hand - which is said to correspond to an element - or the length and shape of the fingers, in this beginners' guide to palmistry we'll focus only on the lines.

Before learning how to read palm lines, you need to identify the main lines of the palm. These are:

  • The heart line tells the reader about love, attraction, and your emotional side.
  • The head line tells the reader about your mind and intellectual side.
  • The life line tells the reader about your health, will and vitality - not about longevity.

If the head and heart lines are fused, the double line is called a "simian crease".

Other minor lines that not everybody has are the Gridle of Venus, which delates emotional intelligence; the line of the sun, which delates fame; the line of destiny or fate, which delates your path and choices; and the Mercury line or line of intuition, among others.

How to Read Palm Lines - Beginners' Guide to Palmistry - Step 1
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To begin reading your palm lines, start at the top. Look for the heart line, which begins on the left side of your hand and curves upward toward the index finger. The heart line shows emotions and everything related to love.

  • If this line begins just below the index finger, then you are satisfied with your love life.
  • If the line begins just below the middle finger, it means that you have a materialistic and selfish view of love.
  • If the line starts between the middle and index fingers, this means that you fall in love too easily.
  • A short straight line indicates a lack of interest in romance and sexual desire.
  • A line pointing down and touching the life line means it is easy to break your heart.
  • A long line with curves means you freely express emotions.
  • A line that is parallel to the head line and straight signifies that you have a good control over your emotions.
How to Read Palm Lines - Beginners' Guide to Palmistry - Step 2

Identify the head line, which begins on the right hand side and ends in parallel with your ring finger. The line represents your intellect and mental health, and also reflects the way in which you think.

  • A curved line suggests that you are creative.
  • A short line means that you place further importance on physical achievements rather than mental achievements.
  • If your life line becomes separated from your head line, this means you are an adventurer and enthusiastic about life.
  • A wavy line indicates a lack of deep thought and a short attention span.
  • A deep long horizontal line indicates that you are centered and that you think clearly.
  • A straight line indicates realistic thinking.
  • A broken head line signals inconsistency in your ideas.
  • A head line that is crossed over marks transcendental choices.

Find the life line, starting on the right side of your hand near the edge and ending near the wrist. In palmistry, this line is known as the life line. Palm readers use it to tell what kind of life you will have.

  • A line near the thumb indicates chronic fatigue, while a curved line indicates a large amount of energy.
  • A long, deep line indicates a vital and healthy life.
  • A short and shallow line means your life is controlled by others.
  • A narrow and straight line to the end of the palm means that you keep away from relationships and are very cautious.
  • A line which forms a half circle indicates passion and strength.
  • More than one life line indicates that a positive or vital force is around you.
  • If there is a break on the life line it indicates a sudden change of lifestyle.
How to Read Palm Lines - Beginners' Guide to Palmistry - Step 4

Identify the line of destiny or fate, which runs vertical in the middle of your hand, if you have it. When you read palm lines, this one indicates the degree in which your life is affected by external circumstances.

  • A deep line means that you're deeply controlled by destiny.
  • Breaks and changes of direction mean that you're prone to a lot of changes in your life generated by external forces.
  • If your destiny line starts at the base of the thumb and it crosses over the life line it means that you have the support of your family and friends.

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  • Usually, for women the left hand is read whilst for men it is the right hand. These hands often offer the best lines, are clearer and are considered the dominant hand.
  • The palm lines will change as life progresses so you can have your palm read every few years to see if anything has changed. This is just a starting point where the three main lines that are easy to locate on the palm are analysed. There are many deeper lines which a professional hand reader will explain
  • Reading the palm of the hand is just for fun. Actually there is no scientific evidence that the information gained from reading this is really linked to your life.
  • True palm readers study for several years and practice constantly.
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