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How to Write a Love Letter Step by Step

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. February 11, 2022
How to Write a Love Letter Step by Step

Although writing love letters seems archaic to many, it is an important gesture that should not be left aside. Love letters are not only a beautiful and romantic act, but also give the writer the opportunity to express their feelings. If you considering writing a love letter but do not know where to start, or if you wish to express your feelings in a beautiful, honest and original way without feeling ridiculous, then you have come to the right place.

The following OneHOWTO article will explain how to write a love letter, with step-by-step instructions.

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  1. Preparation for writing a love letter
  2. Find the right place and time
  3. How to start writing a love letter
  4. Let the memories you share together guide you
  5. Use metaphors and other poetic resources
  6. Be grateful for the past and talk about the future
  7. End the letter with a romantic and emotional paragraph
  8. Take care of the presentation

Preparation for writing a love letter

Make a rough draft first so you can prepare the materials. If you are an artistic person, you can use feathers, paints, pens or other elements to make your letter unique. In most cases, a pencil or pen will suffice. Remember, this is just a draft that you can cross out, check, erase, and add to your heart's content, because no one else needs to see it. A draft also helps you to understand how you want to structure the letter and what are the most important things your want to say.

How to Write a Love Letter Step by Step - Preparation for writing a love letter

Find the right place and time

First, you need to find a quiet place where you can be alone for a while without anyone disturbing or interrupting you for a while. Writing a letter might take time so be prepared to clear your schedule. To make the situation even more romantic, you can play some music in the background to help you relax and inspire you. Think about how the other person makes you feel and what you want to say to them to get in the mood for writing.

How to Write a Love Letter Step by Step - Find the right place and time

How to start writing a love letter

We give you some examples of a love letter introduction so you can use it as inspiration for your own introduction. We understand that writing a love letter can be intimidating, but once you get started, the rest will be easy.

  • You can start by mentioning what what you are writing means to you. For example: I write you these lines with the purest and most sincere love... or I feel fear and hope as I dare to write you these lines.

  • Let them know why you are writing to them in the first place. Maybe because you need to express once and for all how you feel, because you are grateful, you are sorry, etc.

  • Another way to start the letter would be to mention something nice that you have experienced recently. For example: Remembering the weekend we spent together, I felt inspired to write you this letter because my feelings for you are growing every day.

  • If the person is far away from you, we suggest you start the letter with a greeting and a few words about the distance, for example: Hello my love, I hope you are well. I wanted to tell you that I miss you so much and the loneliness I feel being so far away from you is killing me; I only find relief in writing you this love letter.

Let the memories you share together guide you

Once you have overcome your fears and have begun to write the love letter, you must let your memories guide you. A good way to start is to remind yourself why you are writing the letter. Do you have a long-standing relationship with this person and do you want to thank them for everything they have done for you? Are you about to reveal your deepest feelings for the first time? We will give you some ideas for both scenarios.

  • Recall an anecdote: Think of a moment you experienced that shaped you or meant something to your relationship.

  • Remember the first time : If you still do not know where to start, you can remember the first time you met or the first time you knew your feelings for him or her were real.

  • Confess your feelings : A good idea is to let go and confess how you feel when they are around and how you feel when they are not. Tell them why this time is different from the previous ones, why they need to know how you really feel.

  • Describe him/her with poetry: talk about their eyes, their hair, their hands, about what you like so much about him or her, so they can see that you notice these things.

  • Tell them why you like them so much : it's a love letter, so do not worry if you think something sounds corny or silly. In the right context, opening your heart is a triumph, so just take care of telling them why you are so in love with them.

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How to Write a Love Letter Step by Step - Let the memories you share together guide you

Use metaphors and other poetic resources

To write a love letter that is original, beautiful and exciting, you should use metaphors. For example, you can say that your love is like a sunrise in the morning, that your laughter is like summer, or that your caresses are like a breeze. Compare the things that you love about them with other things that you love in life. Let your imagination run wild here. This way they will see that despite everything that has happened between you or how long you have been together, you appreciate all the little things about them.

If you are interested in learning more about poetry, do not miss our article on the main figures of speech in poetry.

Be grateful for the past and talk about the future

When people write love letters, they are usually about the past (the first time you saw each other, the first kiss, the moment you realized it was love) or the present (how you feel about him/her, etc.). However, there are few things more romantic than talking about your future together and making plans. Therefore, it is important to talk about the future without fear so that you can show the other person that you are serious.

It is also important to be grateful for all the things they have done for you. Tell them that you appreciate everything they do for you, and that you will never take for granted the work they do for you, the time they spend with you, and the love they put into every gesture they make.

How to Write a Love Letter Step by Step - Be grateful for the past and talk about the future

End the letter with a romantic and emotional paragraph

You should end your letter on an emotional note that includes something original and not a repetitive summary of your feelings for the person. For example, you might say that your life has changed since they have been by your side and that you only want to make them as happy as they make you.

In a humorous way, you could add that you hope you have not wasted too much time on your letter and that you hope to spend enough time together to write many more love letters.

If you are wondering how to end a love letter, remember that it is always good to put a nice and inspiring phrase followed by your name. An example: "From the one who loves you more than anything", followed by your signature.

Take care of the presentation

Having written your draft, it is time to rewrite it on a clean sheet of paper. Keep in mind that presentation is key to making a good first impression. Here are some tips to ensure the letter is flawless:

  • Choose a nice, clean paper. While writing, do not cross out anything or use typex. If you can not hide a mistake, we suggest you start from the beginning.

  • Handwritten letters are always more personal, but if you decide to type your letter, choose a legible, romantic font. Alternatively, if you have a typewriter, use it for an extra vintage touch.

  • At the top of the sheet, write the date you are sending the letter.

  • Address the letter with a romantic phrase such as: To the person I love most in my life, followed by that person's name. This introductory phrase can be written after the date or when you fold the letter so that it is the first thing your partner sees before they discover the text.

  • You can perfume your letter if you want so that it takes on your scent and makes your partner even more excited when they open it.

  • Send it or deliver it personally, but always in a clean and beautiful envelope. For a more original version, roll up the letter like parchment (you can lightly light the edges with a match if you want a more romantic look) and tie it with a soft ribbon.

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How to Write a Love Letter Step by Step - Take care of the presentation

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