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How to cut glass at home without a glass cutter

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017

Glass is a widely used material all over the world to create bottles, kitchen containers, windows, etc. It's a hard, fragile and transparent material, that's why it's so used everywhere. In the following process you're going to learn how to cut a bottle of wine with only a string and fire. This can be done because the temperature in a certain part of the bottle is heated more than the rest, and when the bottle is placed in water, the bottle splits. To be able to do this you need to be very careful as we are using fire and dealing with glass too, that's why we need to be careful not to cut ourselves. Take a look at the following video to learn how to cut glass at home without a glass cutter.

You'll need:

  • Glass bottle
  • String that can be submerged
  • Alcohol
  • Fire
  • Bowl with cold water
  • File
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  • Once you have cut the glass, you need to file the top part so you don't cut yourself. To do so you can use a fine file and get rid of any loose tips.
  • Be careful doing this experiment, especially when you have to light the string as you can get burned.
  • These glasses are perfect to use at home, they're resistent and people love the result.
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How to cut glass at home without a glass cutter